Thursday, August 18, 2016

The 16thof August 2016. My alarm clock woke me up early in the morning. When I opened my eyes, my first thought was: “Oh my God! Is it a dream? Can it be true that  I`m lying in a comfortable king-size bed in one of the oldest hotels of America, which is at the crossroads of the 45th Street and Madison Avenue!  Right in the center of New York! I can`t believe it! ”
It was the second day of our stay in the Big Apple. We had already visited many of the must see places the day before and were looking forward to more. The second day was expected to be even busier for us since it was our last day in New York. Nevertheless, I had my own plans for the day.
Even before coming to the US I had made a commitment to go to St. Vartan Cathedral, which is 20 minutes` walk from hour hotel, according to Google. So I got up at 7 in the morning and having put down Google`s directions on a sheet of paper, headed for my destination. Google said that I had to go along the 43d Street up to 2nd Avenue. So I started walking in that direction and what struck me was that even at that early hour the city was still dirty: the garbage bags were still there and the air was as smelly as the night before. This was my first disappointment that came soon after overexcitement about the luxury of Downtown Manhattan.

  It took me more than 20 minutes to get to the place: once or twice I found out that I was off the track and had to go back and forth to make sure I was on the right way. But even after that I didn`t manage to do without human help: twice I had to stop passers-by hurrying to work who nevertheless kindly helped me (using Google though) to find my way.
When I finally got to the place, I was disappointed to find out that the iron ornamented doors of the cathedral were closed or at least they were too heavy for me to open. Anyway, not finding anybody around, I began to explore the churchyard and saw a smaller door, with a notice next to it which said that it was Gyulbenkyan Cultural Center. I opened the door, which was much easier for me to do, and found myself in a small office with a guy sitting at the desk. I told him I wanted to go into the cathedral but he replied indifferently that there was nobody there and that their center had nothing to do with the cathedral and that he didn`t know anything and could not help me. However when I said that I was a visitor from Georgia and was leaving the next day, his attitude changed all at once and he spoke to me in Russian. In answer to my surprised look, the guy explained that he came from Belorussia and would be happy to help me. (See how important common history is!)He led me along dimly lighted corridors into the main hall of the cathedral, explained how I could get out after I finished and vanished`.
When I was left all alone in the clean half-lit hall of the cathedral, I felt so peaceful and comfortable that I didn`t want to leave it for a long time. Finally I realized that I might be late for our ten-o`clock meeting in the hotel lobby and hurried up. I took some pictures and left.
The way back was shorter: this time I didn`t have difficulty finding my way and I dropped in at a grocery store to buy some food for breakfast. I got to the hotel just in time for the meeting appointed by Neil. Everybody was in the hotel lobby feeling excited not only about the forthcoming sightseeing and shopping events, but also by the news that Neil was going to give out some money to spend during the day.
After a short discussion of where to go and what to see it was suggested that the whole group took a ferry trip around the Statue of Liberty. Everybody agreed and in groups of five, each led by one of our trainers, we headed for the subway station. That was my second disappointment. No, I`m not saying that I hadn`t heard about the New York subway before, but what I saw was worse than I expected.  It was completely different from any underground I had seen before: a terrifying dark and gloomy place which was at the same time dirty and smelly with lots of homeless people around. I would definitely avoid travelling by subway here, especially alone.
Anyway, we  bought tickets from machines with the help of our leaders and took the train to the harbor. I can say that I enjoyed the ferry trip since we could see not only the Statue of Liberty, but also the city skyline and took lots of pictures, enough for another  book of National Geographic`s, as Neil put it. However, what made the trip even more enjoyable for me was that it was a good opportunity to breathe more or less fresh clean air.

After the ferry trip, we considered some options of where to go and split into two groups: one decided to go to the Metropolitan Museum and the other one chose to visit the American Museum of Indian Culture. I joined the last one  because ever since my first time in the US I have been interested in American Indians and their culture. Some of the members of my group said they were starving and instead of going to the museum, went to the nearest café to have a snack, while  the rest made for the museum entrance crowded by  some homeless people. However, when we stood in a line for a security check I saw that my group mates standing in front of me were made to take out all they had in their bags, even  small change. I quite understand their reasons for doing this but it`s not so easy to wait until everyone gets out their stuff and puts it back when you are almost exhausted. Besides, when I thought that I would have to do without water on a hot day like that, I somehow lost my interested in Indians and backed out.
On coming out of the museum I wanted to join the starving group, but they were nowhere to be seen and I decided to wander about the place until everybody gathered at the museum entrance again. I started to explore the neighborhood and was glad to see a nice little park just opposite the museum with benches where I could stretch my legs after a long walk. But unfortunately I couldn`t relax as I was surrounded by some really weird people so I had to get up and go. The only clean and safe place for me was the nearby stores. So I whiled away my time there and came back to the museum to find the other members of my group.
After that we walked to China Town, which was the last blow for me! I don`t even want to describe the district, otherwise my blog will turn into a gloomy and miserable piece of writing.I will only say that  by that time we were all so exhausted that we could hardly stand on our feet. The scorching sun, the unbearable smell and dirt made it even worse. On top of that some of the people would get stuck in this or that cheap store and Nana had to literally fish them out of the crowds of Chinese people. At last  everybody had gathered and we were ready to move on, when it turned out that Andy wasn`t there. It took some time to find him and when he came back with a drink in his hand he looked much happier than before.
Now I was terrified at the idea that we would have to go back to the hotel by subway and was dreaming of taking a taxi, when I heard Neil suggest going back by cab. However it was too early to say hurray as catching a cab was not a very easy thing to do in one of the most crowded streets of ChinaTown. We had to take three cabs and the first cab was taken by the teachers who were planning to climb the Empire State Building, so I had to wait for anotherone. At that moment standing in the sun sweating and breathing that dreadful air, the only thing I was dreaming of was a shower and a clean bed! Of course it was not only me who wanted a shower! You could easily tell that when Nana jumped into the busy street to stop a cab! And oh what a joy, the cab stopped! We jumped into the cab and I immediately fell asleep, in the cab!
The New York cabs was another discovery for me, because I didn`t know that they were like prison cells from inside. Of course I understand that it is for security reasons only, but they look really frightening.
As soon as I took the long-waited shower and got into bed, I fell asleep like log. I didn`t even hear my roommate Maia go out. As it turned out later, together with Tiko and Nino Khabazishvili they went to see the Empire State Building, something I was so eager to do! Not only did they see it, but they even climbed it! What a self-sacrifice!
After a good rest some of the teachers went to the Fifth Avenue for shopping but I didn`t join them. I wanted to go to Times Square because I had been there in the daytime and this time wanted to see it at night. As nobody seemed to be interested in going there, I decided to go alone and I did it! I was so proud of myself for being able to find the way (considering the fact that I`m not very good at it). Of course on the way back I went off the track a little bit.But just then I heard somebody speaking Russian behind me. It was a couple of  nice young people who  live in New York and I asked them for directions. They complimented me on my Russian and showed me the right way.

On getting to the hotel, I saw some of our teachers sitting in the hotel lobby as tired as myself. We sat there for a while telling one another about the sales and our bargains  until I went up to my room and turned off! What a long day!

That was a day from the adventures of Georgian teachers in America.

With love,
Marina Kazaryan.

Crazy, Crazy , Crazy New York …

The alarm clock goes on… it’s 6 am that means we are getting ready for NEW YORK. Everyone has been looking forward to the moment since we arrived in the USA and this moment has come. By seven o’clock everyone is on the bus, ready to leave Brattleboro. Their expectation is so great that no one seems to be worried to leave the place where we lived, worked, learned and taught for about three weeks. Our trainers also come with us to New York.
Everyone is sleeping on the bus… It’s “Georgian silence” around, just someone’s humming is heard time by time, and this is our restless merrymaker –Zura (a real heart and soul of our group with an incredible sense of humor).
People on the bus start awaking. It’s about 11 o’clock. We are a little frustrated. Instead of traveling of 6 hours as we were told beforehand, in 3 hours and a half Manhattan beach lies in front of us with its full brilliance. 

 No, no mistake. It’s a “Real America” as our group member calls it and we all have “adapted” it. So, this is America, this is a country of freedom. At last we feel different atmosphere… Skyscrapers, “pressing” the sky, overlook the city as if they were masters of everything beneath and you feel that you are just an insignificant molecule among them, but at the same time proud to be a part of the enormous bedlam. Lots of cars, double-decker buses and yellow cabs make heavy traffic and our bus is moving forward at a snail’s pace.

At last we get to our destination - “the Roosevelt Hotel” but… We are not able to check in as we are not expected yet. Do you think our group gets surprised? No way… Just one more disappointment. But we still try to keep calm.  One trip is too short for all the adventures we have experienced since we left our country…

 Decision is made. Just wandering around the city for two or three hours. It’s not a bad idea if we could rest and get refreshed a little bit, but… the group was divided into two parts. Route 1: “”Empire State Building” , Route 2: “Times Square” and “The Central Park”.  

It’s too hot outside and we try to pass near the shops and offices as cool air comes out from the air-conditioned buildings. Our group is  heading to “Times Square” and “The Central Park”. Walking through the people of all nationalities, religion, race, culture or orientation, rushing through the streets, you feel the same rhythm and become the part of the splendid city. First we visited “Times Square”- site of the world’s most famous New Year’s Eve party. But the site is especially amazing at night, with its dazzling lights and commercial videos from surrounding buildings.

We try not only to see  New York sights but to taste its food as well. Hot dog and coke, Mc Donald’s Big Mac and ice-cream, Starbucks Coffee and bagels.
After that we went to Central Park. It was very calm and quiet in spite of the fact there were a lot of people. It’s obvious people relax in such a peaceful environment.

 ST. Patrick’s Cathedral is really worth seeing. Its Neo-Gothic architecture takes you back to the previous centuries. The cathedral interior is as attractive and splendid as its exterior. We entered inside and sat on the benches for a while. Incredible peace was spread throughout the cathedral.

 Then we passed by Museums, restaurants, concert halls, trendy boutiques and classic bars. All these made us feel to be the part of one of the Hollywood films.

In a word, when people think of New York, Manhattan is the first thing they imagine. And, we are glad we managed to see the place of all human’s dream. In spite of our tiredness we could “”invade” Manhattan rushing through streets and taking and uploading loads of photos. It’s impossible to see and feel  more within a day.

Khatuna Khvedelidze
Veriko Michitasvili
“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.” – Tim Cahill

The last day of our travelling came. The last 18 days ran and today looking back we think everything was not so irritating as it seemed to be.

We left home and from the very beginning our trip was a rich bouquet of troubles. P.S. you can look through our blog to remember them.

Today in the morning we were so excited looking forward for going home. We packed our luggage, said goodbye to our hosts and went to the airport with happy smiles of anticipation on our faces. And the mess of our trip returned… As a final strike we mixed the airport terminals and had to run with huge suitcases up and down the building, then to take air train and again to run up and down. 

The culmination began when  we weighed our bags and realized that they were overweight. It was worth to see how we helped each other.

Now sitting in the Munich airport after 7 hours flight and thinking of 14 hours waiting for departure the only thought in my mind is is “we may came home with a smooth round stone as small as a world and as large as alone.”

Coming back to the words above … all the experience we had, positive or negative would have been insuperable if not so many wonderful, patient, generous and sensitive people from Georgia side by side.

( From Ia and Zura )

Monday, August 15, 2016

The  birds singing woke me up early in the morning , but unusual “tune” made me get up and look through the window to find out what kind of birds they were. Having seen me they got frightened and flew away. The view was picturesque. Hills were in the  mist, the sun was hiding  behind the floating clouds as if it was playing “hide and seek” with the earth and looking over the countryside, somehow my thoughts went back to my childhood and stopped at the moment  I was  reading “The adventure of Tom Sawyer”, when I first “discovered”  America. Then I flew into memories deeper and deeper. The scenes from the famous American films were coming one by one. From “Gone to the wind” to “Once upon a time in America”, remembered how much I dreamed of  visiting  the country of freedom, democracy, tolerance, “Hollywood”, fashion,” All Stars”... and I am here, in America, in  the country where all dreams come true...
And the 14th day  of being in America started with breakfast and ceremony of giving gifts to our ”birthday girls”: Ia, Nino and Keti.

  At the session we once more revised and discussed  about “giving Feedback”. After sessions one part of the teachers went to Wallmart for shopping and another one to the pool.

 In the evening Nana Litvinenko was visited by her American friend  Alycia Griffin who worked in Georgia as a TLG teacher .A pleasant coincidnece, on 14th of August Nana hosted her in Georgia and aftre six years, the same date Alycia hosted her in the USA. 

  The weather was rainy and sometimes it was lightning and thunderstorms and we decided to enjoy ourselves a little. Georgian wine and Georgian songs once again made us cheerful. Zura as usual was the heart and the soul of the evening, telling jokes, describing our members in a funny way. The day finished with the expecting flood warning and we scattered to our dorms and rooms.

3:30 a.m. alarm signal  woke us up!!!
To be continued...

Nino Kalandia

3:30 A.M.  screaming voices of the  detector!!!!Nobody knows what is happening…the only way to save ourselves is getting out of the dorm!!Trying to wake up everyone!!! Luisiana is flooded,Everybody thinks that we are experiencing the same but no, it “smells” something different! Everybody is running up and down the stairs, grabbing their clothes  and suddenly the fire brigade is  rushing towards the building!!! we are safe!! Everthing is checked. No fire and even in such a critical situation we don ’t lose our sense of humor, taking pictures with very handsome firefighters. 

As usual we  start our breakfast at  eight but today’s breakfast is a  little unusual. We are gathering and packing little Georgian souvenirs for our trainers. 
Radmila introduces giving clear insrtuction, how to give feedback to teachers effectively, gives  handouts of games and we are actively engaged in the modelling them.
The representative of PH International visits us and gives us postcards and maple syrop as presents.
The session is going to the end and Nana asks the trainers to stay for a while in order to receive the presents from trainees. Everybody is happy and cheefull.

Nana Tatisahvili is being visited by her PC  volunteer  with his family. Their meeting was very sensitive as they have not seen each other for four years. What is the most pleasant for me that their 3 years  old girl was named after Nana’s mother Tamriko…
Lunch time is over and some of the group members accompanid by Neil and Jonah are heading to Manchester, VT. The first stop is near  the covered bridge which was built in 1872. We can’t resist the temptation of taking the pictures. Typical town with  white houses, flowers on the pavement  and shopping centers. 

The day came to it’s end with farewell dinner accompanied with  beautiful Georgian songs… Many hugs, many photos, loads of smile… 

To be continued… New York City is waiting for us.

Nana Litvinenko

Saturday, August 13, 2016

What a beautiful day! What a bright sunny day! Because it’s Nino’s and Keti’s birthday! Even though their birthday couldn’t save us from reflection session after last tiring day Radmila’s advice was worth of sitting there: “Telling yourself that you don’t know something is ok, the path won’t be straight leading you up, it is curvy, you will have ups and downs but it is OK, just be ambitious and aim high because you can do this!” Let me start from the beginning. Andy started reflection session with four interesting question, but one of them was very important for me. “What did you learn watching others teaching?” I really cannot list things I learned from you connected to training but I want to thank you for being so kind, loving and caring. Then we logged in and saw the platform we will be working and sharing our thoughts, ideas, plan and work in during very busy year. I should mention the poster where we gathered our strength and gaps and set an action plan. And last but not least, we review the trainer competencies checklist and I saw a lot of smiley faces as they realized even in two weeks how much did they grow as a trainer. Good for you ladies and gentleman! Mariam Zakariashvili

Feeling relieved after the final micro-training session

Maia Teliashvili
Samtskhe-Javakheti region

Another  tiring and sleepless night . And then  sun rays streaming through the window.  All the planning has been done . All the preparation has been taken care of. The result of the previous day’s hard work is achieved. All of us are ready for our  last micro-training session …
Entering the SGC 101  I noticed my friends’ tired faces and I felt their  heads were  full of thoughts: What will happen?  How our sessions will be conducted?  What feedback will our trainers give us?     And…. suddenly Andy’s supportive, friendly and cheerful voice interrupted our thoughts. Again reflection on the previous day and  summarizing all the steps of Experiential Learning Cycle… As Andy said  “you have to shoot your own dog” in order to be and feel more confident and we began “to shoot our own dogs”  as well… the whole group was again divided into three parts and after conducting micro-trainings each of us got useful feedback from the three  most supportive and experienced trainers.

Here are some tips from our trainers that I remembered:
·         If you want your students to listen to you, give them lots of reasons to listen
·         Mind RRR- Repetition, Repetition and again Repetition.
·         If you tell smb you like smth, tell why?
·         Your role is not to be an instructor,  your role is to be a facilitator.
·         To say why you are going to do smth gives trainees confidence
·         Use more what, why, how questions and make trainees think
·         Find specific language while giving feedback  e.g. I was watching carefully your way …. I would like it to be more….
·         Think what the audience want you to give them
·         Do not get fixed on only this structure of the training session, try other ways too…….

Despite having an increasingly busy schedule revolving around us we wholeheartedly believe that we should make every day wonderful!!!!

Looking forward to the next day