Monday, August 15, 2016

3:30 A.M.  screaming voices of the  detector!!!!Nobody knows what is happening…the only way to save ourselves is getting out of the dorm!!Trying to wake up everyone!!! Luisiana is flooded,Everybody thinks that we are experiencing the same but no, it “smells” something different! Everybody is running up and down the stairs, grabbing their clothes  and suddenly the fire brigade is  rushing towards the building!!! we are safe!! Everthing is checked. No fire and even in such a critical situation we don ’t lose our sense of humor, taking pictures with very handsome firefighters. 

As usual we  start our breakfast at  eight but today’s breakfast is a  little unusual. We are gathering and packing little Georgian souvenirs for our trainers. 
Radmila introduces giving clear insrtuction, how to give feedback to teachers effectively, gives  handouts of games and we are actively engaged in the modelling them.
The representative of PH International visits us and gives us postcards and maple syrop as presents.
The session is going to the end and Nana asks the trainers to stay for a while in order to receive the presents from trainees. Everybody is happy and cheefull.

Nana Tatisahvili is being visited by her PC  volunteer  with his family. Their meeting was very sensitive as they have not seen each other for four years. What is the most pleasant for me that their 3 years  old girl was named after Nana’s mother Tamriko…
Lunch time is over and some of the group members accompanid by Neil and Jonah are heading to Manchester, VT. The first stop is near  the covered bridge which was built in 1872. We can’t resist the temptation of taking the pictures. Typical town with  white houses, flowers on the pavement  and shopping centers. 

The day came to it’s end with farewell dinner accompanied with  beautiful Georgian songs… Many hugs, many photos, loads of smile… 

To be continued… New York City is waiting for us.

Nana Litvinenko

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