Sunday, March 24, 2013


Take me to TRACE EFFECTS! A totally cool 3-D English language video game experience for students ages 12-16. Learn English and explore American culture through puzzles, games, and adventures in an interactive world. It's fun, free and did we say fun? Yes, it really is. We here at ELCE-online gave it a try and had a great time playing. Try it. Games, videos, music, and lesson plans, too!

Monday, March 11, 2013

An Interview with Lizzy-Irine Lobzhanidze and Natalia Tugushi, winners of the Great ELCE/ Logo Contest

We sat down with Lizzy-Irine Lobzhanidze and Natalia Tugushi of Batumi and their parents at the Boulangerie in Old Town Batumi. It was exciting to see dedicated Georgian kids speaking such a high-level of English!

How did you hear about the contest? Lizzy: My mother, Keti, went through the ELCE program and thought we would be great at it. Natalia: I worked on Murtazi and Juliet ( and wanted to do something more with ELCE and ACCESS.  We also watched your Facebook page  ( and ACCESS page (  to see what people were talking about.
How did you create the logo? What was you inspiration? We looked at the website and then went all over the Internet to study logos and how to make logos. We like to draw and we started to think of all the different modules that are in ELCE. We drew some sketches and kept looking and studying to see how to make logos. We learned a lot about symbols, and we know you just can't take any image off of the Internet. You have to be careful not to steal and not to copy! We learned a lot about copyright.
How did you get from a drawing to a high-quality graphic logo? It's funny because the drawing part was easy. Working with CORELdraw is hard but we were determined to figure it out. My dad (Natalia) is a computer programmer, but I said I'm going to figure it out myself. We just kept trying and trying. Whenever we thought we wanted to change something, we said, oh no!, because it is so hard to change something, but we figured out how to use the program.
So what does ELCE really mean to you? Our teachers have used ELCE in our lessons, and we understand what civic education means. We have to be part of our society. We think the logo should be fun, because ELCE isn't just about voting. It's about being part of something.
What do you want to do in the future? We really want to do FLEX and keep working with the US Embassy (! We want to see America. We have ACCESS kids in our school and we see how much they do. With English skills, we will have a better future.  (ELCE is completely funded by the US Embassy, Tbilisi.)
From their parents: We are very proud of them. This contest improved their English and technology skills and they learned not to quit. We agree...CORELdraw is difficult to use but they did it. We want them to do more and to prove their ideas, and this contest helped them to do that.

The winners chose the 100 lari and MP3/4 prize.

From all of us here at ELCE and, a very big congratulations again. We love our new logo!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

And the winner is...

The results have been verified by four independent authorities! And the winner of the Great ELCE/ logo contest is: Lizzy-Irine Lobzhanidze (age 12) and Natalia Tugushi (age 15) of Batumi under the mentorship of Ketevan Papava-Lobzhanidze. The winning vote: 131, second 60 and third 48. Congratulations to our winners and more photos and news to come!