Wednesday, August 3, 2016

From Teaching to Teacher-Training

by Tamar Kaladze,  CTE II/TOTSI Participant from Gurjaani, Georgia

The 2nd day of August 2016 has come to TOTSI people’s life.

The weather was nice, the heads – full of new ideas, the room - loaded with handouts, the pleasant smell of coffee was wandering in the room, jetlag was loosing the battle against motivation and dedication, experienced teachers (sometimes “cell-phone motivated”) were becoming more and more experienced, questions and answers went hand in hand, ’’Why’’ was becoming more and more popular question word, an exhausted Wi-fi was trying its best to hide from us but failed, taking photos became teachers’ second occupation, friendly trainers and interesting sessions made participants actively involved in working process.

One could hear a few complaints of homesick people missing family members, but TOTSI participants are brave people and managed to deal with it successfully. 

Participants were really good listeners and respected different opinions. I did appreciate that, as I strongly believe in a famous quotation: ’’I have never learned anything from the person who always agreed with me”.  

The things (a short list) I’ll remember from today:

·               Teachers learn more from HOW they are taught to teach than from WHAT they are taught to do; we should Know what we want to teach and have confidence both in its worth and validity, know why it is important.
·               Learning involves the integrated functioning of the TOTAL person – thinking, feeling, perceiving and behaving.
·              RESULTS make a good training event.
·              Productive use of technology helps students to learn.
·              ELC (Experiential Learning Circle) and Fab Five will accompany my teaching practice.
·             TPS (Think, Pair, Share) helps to co-build the knowledge.
·             4 or 5 words (NOT more) - for pre-teaching vocab.
·            CCQs (Concept Checking Questions) will help me to make sure that students understand the instructions and follow the task.
·            TTT (Teacher Talking Time) is tangible.
·            One needs to see one and the same word in different contexts 16 or 17 times to remember it properly.

    I nearly forgot about those three lucky people attending Dummerston board meeting tomorrow. NANA, NINO, NANA. Three Ns.  

   Look at Natia’s shoes. Do you think that’s random? No, nothing happens by chance. We will be Teacher Trainers, for sure.


     Busy August the second came to the end. 
    The team TOTSI II is looking forward to the next day.
    Lot’s of love, kind regards and respects, many hugs and kisses to you all!



  1. While working on my post, facebook let me know that some TOTSI teachers were relaxing with glasses of Georgian wine, British muffins and American crisps on the veranda and the others were wandering in Brattleboro Family Dollars Store. Evening life is going on.

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    1. Good Job..As usual different way of expressing ideas....You are always academic in learning and teaching...Good luck as well...

  3. nice job!! good luck in becoming a Teacher Trainer! :)

  4. nice job!! good luck in becoming a Teacher Trainer! :)

  5. Outstanding Tamuna!!!! Great job dear! :)

  6. Thanks a lot for your feedback sweet friends.

  7. Well done, Tamuna! Good luck to you too!!!

  8. Well done, Tamuna! Good luck to you too!!!