ELCE Program Open Lesson Week Materials

During the period of October 14 – November 22, 2013 ELCE Program organized the Open Lesson Weeks in seven regions of Georgia: Kakheti, Shida Kartli, Kvemo Kartli, Imereti, Guria, Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti and Adjara.

130 ELCE graduates from across the coutry whole-heartedly participated in the Open Lesson Weeks. Attendance to the lessons was far greater than expected and disseminated ELCE principles well beyond the original program. Concurrent open lessons were held in all major towns of the regions as well as many of the villages that were on the ELCE Program roster. Visitors included school directors and teachers from non-ELCE schools, as well as local NGOs, local media representatives, and Teachers’ Union officials.

ELCE topics used throughout the Open Lesson Weeks included: National symbols; Vocational and Life Choices; Holidays; Heroes; Civic Engagement; Diversity and Multiculturalism; Critical Literacy; and Political systems. The most popular were Vocational and Life Choices, though Diversity and Symbols were close seconds to these. No teacher took an ELCE plan and materials directly verbatim from the Modules, but the teachers all took at least one item or activity from the materials shared throughout the ELCE course. The majority of teachers were able to use ELCE materials, such as worksheets, questionnaires, and activities, according to learner needs and showed adept ability to alter, improve, or simplify ELCE materials in order to fit learner ability and their own objectives. All the teachers have shown remarkable improvement over when they were first observed, and, more importantly, were able to exhibit key ELCE principles and strategies to the observers and visitors.

ELCE Program Team collected all the lesson plans and other materials used by the participating teachers throughout the open lesson week and published the best of them in the Manual of the ELCE Program Open Lesson Week Materials, which you can find below. The Manual contains the lesson plans and handouts of 40 lessons held throughout the Open Lesson Weeks.


New overall, language and civic objectives

Make Your Own Collages (for interactive tasks)

Make Your Own Crossword Puzzles

Create your own crossword puzzles online and print (

Make Your Own Word Scrambles

Create your own word scrambles online and print (

Make Your Own Word Search

Word Search Generator
SuperKids WordSearch Puzzle Creator

ESL Library

ESL Library is the place for complete lesson plans (reading, grammar, listening and speaking) on nearly any subject, including famous people and buildings, current events, etc.

English Avenue

Grammar, games and 9 levels of multi-ethnic and INTERESTING readers (pre-reading, during reading and after reading) that are out of this world.

ESL Kid Stuff

Worksheets, games and flashcards especially designed for young learners.




How can newer teachers effectively use TLG volunteers in class? How can we make the Macmillan textbook more communicative? What is reflective teaching? If you are interested in any of these questions, please read one (or more) of the articles.


PH International (PH) has partnered with the World Learning SIT Graduate Institute, under the Intensive Course for Teachers of English (ITCE) program, funded by the U.S. Embassy in Tbilisi. Bringing together the well-known strengths of each organization a two-year program (with possible extension for a third year) will provide specialized training for experienced and skilled Georgian school teachers of English, enhancing their theoretical and practical knowledge and effecting a deep understanding of issues related to the teaching of English and relationships between the language and western culture and values.
ICTE’s goal is to enable teacher trainers to lead their peers in professional development, providing training to Georgian teachers nationwide.
ICTE Objectives are:
  • To develop a cadre of experienced Georgian English language teacher trainers, who operate and are considered as highly skilled resources for peer-training in Georgia to enhance and strengthen English language teaching
  • To develop program participant Georgian English teachers’ language competency and conversational skills and ensure improved classroom instruction and expanded content comparable to teachers participating in the ELCE program
The PH-SIT Team will draw upon teacher training materials and approaches used in the English Language through Civic Education (ELCE) program in three core components of ICTE. A Teacher Training Summer Camp (TTSC)in Georgia will condense ELCE professional development into a 50 hour intensive course, give English teachers a week of specialized training in modern learner-centered teaching techniques for language learning, supplementary lessons and materials that reinforce English language acquisition through content on American and western culture and civic values, and offer applied learning opportunities with students in the English language summer camp. A Training of Trainers Summer Institute (TOTSI) in the United States will develop experienced ELCE and TTSC teachers as peer trainers that can train other teachers in modern learner centered teaching techniques and combining English language and cultural instruction. Finally, mentoring and support during the follow-on period will use social media, networking, and a series of incentive opportunities to encourage and challenge participants to fulfill commitments to apply learning and expand the impact of ICTE.
Embassy of the United States, Georgia

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