Thursday, April 25, 2013

ELCE - ETAG partnership in Teacher Training Workshop (Samegrelo)

ELCE graduate Natia Kvaratskhelia, Zugdidi Public School #10 delivers teacher training seminar  (Technology for Teaching) to 20 teachers in Zugdidi in partnership with ETAG combining pedagogical principles and practical tasks utilizing Word and PowerPoint for teaching grammar, syntax, lexis. Certificates for all participants.  ELCE Program deliverable accomplished together with ETAG. Go ELCE and ETAG!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Presentation Rubric, Rita Tukvadze, Kutaisi

Was the lesson understood according to the student's perception? (Modifying/adapting a similar rubric provides direct feedback from students)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A simple video to illustrate volunteerism for young learners (no language) explains Teacher Trainer Summer Camp (TTSC) and Training of Trainers Summer Institute (TOTSI)

English Language through Civic Education (ELCE) programs: 

Intensive Course for Teachers of English (ICTE) programs:

Target date: July 20-28; Teacher Trainer Summer Camp (TTSC)
Where: Location TBA, 18 teachers (who? non-ELCE only) and 60 teenagers (who? ACCESS program only)
Applications here! Deadline: April 15

Target date: August; Training of Trainers Summer Institute (TOTSI)
Where: Vermont/DC, 30 teachers (who? ELCE alumni only with Skype interviews)
Applications closed

For 2014 (same rules):
22 teachers for TTSC
30 teachers for TOTSI (ELCE alumni, remember, if you don't make it this time, APPLY AGAIN next year)

Judy Elliott, ELCE Teacher Trainer (Telavi) - Marriage Diversity

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Volunteerism Lesson Plan

A) Why do we volunteer:
To discover new frontiers of knowledge (to learn)
To support and encourage excellence
To enable people to exercise their potential (to help people be what they want to be be)
To relieve human suffering
To preserve and enhance democratic government and institutions
To make communities a better place to live
To nourish the spirit (because we are human)
To create tolerance, understanding, and peace among people
To remember the dead
To have fun and build a community

B) Assessment
Needs of kids at our school:
1. ____________________________________________
2. ____________________________________________
3. ____________________________________________
Things that need to be done around school:
1. _____________________________________________
2. _____________________________________________
3. _____________________________________________
Things that need to be done in our neighborhood:
1. _____________________________________________
2. _____________________________________________
3. _____________________________________________
Things that need to be done in our community:
1. _____________________________________________
2. _____________________________________________
3. _____________________________________________

C) Brainstorm - What ideas can we think of to help?

D) The Plan - How can we put our ideas into action?

Adapted from: Valerie Williams, Catholic Diocese of Grand Rapids, St. Alphonsus Elementary School, Grand Rapids, MI
Direct link to lesson plan
Volunteerism worksheet

Gestures, Lana Chakhaia and Zita Baslandze (Zugdidi)

Gestures powerpoint, Lana Chakhaia (Zugdidi)

More PowerPoint presentations from peterbohan 

Task: During Powerpoint fill in chart, discuss, share with other pairs/present 
 Next, groups watch video, create dialog collaboratively then present

Microteaching Rotation 3 - Diversity and Multiculturalism (Zugdidi)

Lana Chakhaia and Macaco Chkvanava from Zugdidi lead a warm up task related to "diversity" in the context of the meaning of various gestures.