Saturday, August 13, 2016

What a beautiful day! What a bright sunny day! Because it’s Nino’s and Keti’s birthday! Even though their birthday couldn’t save us from reflection session after last tiring day Radmila’s advice was worth of sitting there: “Telling yourself that you don’t know something is ok, the path won’t be straight leading you up, it is curvy, you will have ups and downs but it is OK, just be ambitious and aim high because you can do this!” Let me start from the beginning. Andy started reflection session with four interesting question, but one of them was very important for me. “What did you learn watching others teaching?” I really cannot list things I learned from you connected to training but I want to thank you for being so kind, loving and caring. Then we logged in and saw the platform we will be working and sharing our thoughts, ideas, plan and work in during very busy year. I should mention the poster where we gathered our strength and gaps and set an action plan. And last but not least, we review the trainer competencies checklist and I saw a lot of smiley faces as they realized even in two weeks how much did they grow as a trainer. Good for you ladies and gentleman! Mariam Zakariashvili

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