ELCE Summer Institute 2013

ELCE Program hosted the second Summer Institute for High Performing Teachers on July 1-5, 2013. The Summer Institute took place at a seaside resort of Kobuleti and brought together six ELTTs, ELCE Program Manager and Program Assistant, and most importantly 58 distinguished teachers in an intensive Training of Trainers Course during which they acted as potential teacher trainers and received additional training materials and handouts. Among the guests of the Summer Institute were ELCE program partners from the English Teachers’ Association of Georgia: Rusudan Tkemaladze, ELCE Manager at ETAG, Tsisana Tsiskaridze, ELCE Coordinator at ETAG and Lali Mdinaridze, ELCE Training Coordinator at ETAG.

The main criteria for teacher selection were:
  • Summer Institute application form to include a resume, a cover letter, and a portfolio of lesson plans developed throughout the participation in the ELCE Program training workshops;
  • Attendance record (workshops as well as classroom observations);
  • Efforts of sharing the knowledge and materials received through the program with other teachers;
  • Potential of becoming a teacher trainer (as assessed by the ELTTs);
  • Use of multimedia and online resources in the classroom; and
  • Overall progress achieved throughout the course (as assessed by the ELTTs).
All the 58 teachers selected for Summer Institute participation were asked to choose a topic related to the ELCE curriculum and develop micro-teaching sessions that they should present to their colleagues during the Summer Institute. Among the topics selected by the teachers for their presentations were: 
  • Adapting ELCE Materials for Higher/Lower Levels; 
  • Giving Clear Instructions; 
  • Communicative Task; 
  • Classroom Management; 
  • Ways of Practicing New Vocabulary; 
  • Interactive Reading Tasks; 
  • Cooperative Learning & Material Development; 
  • Adapting Writing Text; 
  • Critical Literacy and many more...
Each ELTT also lead a teacher training session on the topics which, based on the preliminary survey, teachers showed the biggest interest in. Sessions led by the ELTTs included the mini-workshops onTeaching Grammar in a Communicative Way; Vocabulary Building Strategies; Writing and Text Analysis; and Filming Classrooms,and etc.

By the end of the Summer Institute, participants were awarded Summer Institute Completion Certificates. Also, ETAG representatives awarded all the participants of the Summer Institute with sets of books that included monolingual Oxford dictionaries and manuals on modern language teaching methodologies.

ELTT Presentations:

Summer Institute Teacher Presentations:

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