Friday, March 28, 2014

Lesson Plan: Famous Landmarks

 by Natia Surguladze, Village Chianeti Public School English Language Teacher

Overall Objective: Students will be able to gain cultural knowledge of five famous landmarks around the world.

Language Objective: Students will comprehend the text and have oral practice on this topic.

Civic Education Objective: Ss will talk the icons of famous countries.

Time: 45 minutes

Grade: 7-8

Warm-up:topic introduction. Students name the famous landmarks around the world. (5 minutes)

Activity 1: Jigsaw reading. (20 minutes) Students are divided into four groups (A, B, C, D). Each group is given different text. They learn their text and become the “expert” of this text. After they read and memorize their text, rearrange group, so each group has representatives from each group (ABCD). They share their texts to each other. Finally, they get back to their own group as they were in the beginning. (Every A goes together, every B together, every C together, every D together)

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Lesson Plan: Colors

by Natia Surguladze, Village Chianeti Public School English Language Teacher

Grade: 1

Time: 35 min

Topic: Colors

Overall Objective: Students will be able to learn colors and use them to color different shapes and use        them to describe subject.

Language Objective: Students will learn target (8-10) colors.
Warm up: I show them posters with different colors of flowers on it. I name the color and they repeat (twice) (5 min)

Activity 1: Students listen to color song first. Then they listen to it and chant. (6 min)

Activity 2: Teacher distributes the handout to each students with smiley faces and ask them to color it with the color teacher names. (7-10 min)

Activity 3: Teacher shows them different color of objects and asks various students to name what color it is. ( 3-4 min)

Activity 4: Game: Teacher puts 7-8 color pieces of paper on the table. She/he names the color and students have to touch the color. The first one who touches the color gets it. The Students with most colors wins. (5 min)

Homework: Teacher gives them some shapes to color with different colors. (2 min)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

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