Saturday, August 13, 2016

Feeling relieved after the final micro-training session

Maia Teliashvili
Samtskhe-Javakheti region

Another  tiring and sleepless night . And then  sun rays streaming through the window.  All the planning has been done . All the preparation has been taken care of. The result of the previous day’s hard work is achieved. All of us are ready for our  last micro-training session …
Entering the SGC 101  I noticed my friends’ tired faces and I felt their  heads were  full of thoughts: What will happen?  How our sessions will be conducted?  What feedback will our trainers give us?     And…. suddenly Andy’s supportive, friendly and cheerful voice interrupted our thoughts. Again reflection on the previous day and  summarizing all the steps of Experiential Learning Cycle… As Andy said  “you have to shoot your own dog” in order to be and feel more confident and we began “to shoot our own dogs”  as well… the whole group was again divided into three parts and after conducting micro-trainings each of us got useful feedback from the three  most supportive and experienced trainers.

Here are some tips from our trainers that I remembered:
·         If you want your students to listen to you, give them lots of reasons to listen
·         Mind RRR- Repetition, Repetition and again Repetition.
·         If you tell smb you like smth, tell why?
·         Your role is not to be an instructor,  your role is to be a facilitator.
·         To say why you are going to do smth gives trainees confidence
·         Use more what, why, how questions and make trainees think
·         Find specific language while giving feedback  e.g. I was watching carefully your way …. I would like it to be more….
·         Think what the audience want you to give them
·         Do not get fixed on only this structure of the training session, try other ways too…….

Despite having an increasingly busy schedule revolving around us we wholeheartedly believe that we should make every day wonderful!!!!

Looking forward to the next day

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