Sunday, December 8, 2013

Vocations and Jobs Activity Bank

- Using the Family with Professions and Occupations (young learners) by Sopho Sapharidze, Batumi

Have your students bring pictures of their parents, or have them draw their family. After modeling the grammar structure, have students show their pictures to the class and tell what their parents do for a living. You can use all the jobs as the vocabulary base for the professions class, as well as reinforce vocabulary with family.

Girogi: This is my mother. She is a doctor. This is my father. He is a businessman.

- Grammar: Use professions to show irregular plural (man/men, woman/women), using do/does

- Warm-up: Find out all the professions of your students parents before you start. Then use that as the base for the class vocabulary.

- Listening and speaking: Have students listen carefully for each profession.

Giorgi - mother - doctor, father - businessman. You can make a chart for them.

After, for speaking, ask them, "What does Giorgi's father do?" He is a businessman.

- Have students mime one of the professions and say, "I am Giorgi's father. Who am I?" You are a businessman!

- Starting a New World (6th graders to higher-level students) by Natia Katamadze, Batumi

You can hand-write this on sheets of paper for teams or pair work. Good chance for critical thinking and discussion, especially for teenagers.

Let's imagine for a while that the world has to start all over. Nothing exists but water, land, trees, animals and 50 people who ages range from 10-50. Trying to restart the world, your group has to select the six most necessary occupations to get the world going again.List six occupations and the reasons why you selected each one.

Or, you can list different occupations and have students choose them. Remember to make sure they give a reason why they chose that profession. a doctor, a lawyer, farmer, a professor, a doctor, a tailor, an engineer, etc.

Environmental Rubric

Overall Student Performance Rubric

Overall Student Performance Rubric
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