Thursday, August 18, 2016

Crazy, Crazy , Crazy New York …

The alarm clock goes on… it’s 6 am that means we are getting ready for NEW YORK. Everyone has been looking forward to the moment since we arrived in the USA and this moment has come. By seven o’clock everyone is on the bus, ready to leave Brattleboro. Their expectation is so great that no one seems to be worried to leave the place where we lived, worked, learned and taught for about three weeks. Our trainers also come with us to New York.
Everyone is sleeping on the bus… It’s “Georgian silence” around, just someone’s humming is heard time by time, and this is our restless merrymaker –Zura (a real heart and soul of our group with an incredible sense of humor).
People on the bus start awaking. It’s about 11 o’clock. We are a little frustrated. Instead of traveling of 6 hours as we were told beforehand, in 3 hours and a half Manhattan beach lies in front of us with its full brilliance. 

 No, no mistake. It’s a “Real America” as our group member calls it and we all have “adapted” it. So, this is America, this is a country of freedom. At last we feel different atmosphere… Skyscrapers, “pressing” the sky, overlook the city as if they were masters of everything beneath and you feel that you are just an insignificant molecule among them, but at the same time proud to be a part of the enormous bedlam. Lots of cars, double-decker buses and yellow cabs make heavy traffic and our bus is moving forward at a snail’s pace.

At last we get to our destination - “the Roosevelt Hotel” but… We are not able to check in as we are not expected yet. Do you think our group gets surprised? No way… Just one more disappointment. But we still try to keep calm.  One trip is too short for all the adventures we have experienced since we left our country…

 Decision is made. Just wandering around the city for two or three hours. It’s not a bad idea if we could rest and get refreshed a little bit, but… the group was divided into two parts. Route 1: “”Empire State Building” , Route 2: “Times Square” and “The Central Park”.  

It’s too hot outside and we try to pass near the shops and offices as cool air comes out from the air-conditioned buildings. Our group is  heading to “Times Square” and “The Central Park”. Walking through the people of all nationalities, religion, race, culture or orientation, rushing through the streets, you feel the same rhythm and become the part of the splendid city. First we visited “Times Square”- site of the world’s most famous New Year’s Eve party. But the site is especially amazing at night, with its dazzling lights and commercial videos from surrounding buildings.

We try not only to see  New York sights but to taste its food as well. Hot dog and coke, Mc Donald’s Big Mac and ice-cream, Starbucks Coffee and bagels.
After that we went to Central Park. It was very calm and quiet in spite of the fact there were a lot of people. It’s obvious people relax in such a peaceful environment.

 ST. Patrick’s Cathedral is really worth seeing. Its Neo-Gothic architecture takes you back to the previous centuries. The cathedral interior is as attractive and splendid as its exterior. We entered inside and sat on the benches for a while. Incredible peace was spread throughout the cathedral.

 Then we passed by Museums, restaurants, concert halls, trendy boutiques and classic bars. All these made us feel to be the part of one of the Hollywood films.

In a word, when people think of New York, Manhattan is the first thing they imagine. And, we are glad we managed to see the place of all human’s dream. In spite of our tiredness we could “”invade” Manhattan rushing through streets and taking and uploading loads of photos. It’s impossible to see and feel  more within a day.

Khatuna Khvedelidze
Veriko Michitasvili

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