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#19 Second Competition for Teacher Generated Materials / National and Historic Heroes / Grade 8-9

#19 Second Competition for Teacher Generated Materials / National and Historic Heroes / Grade 8-9

Overall Objective: students reads texts,describe hero,ansvering the questions by new vocabulary

Language Objective: useds questions wordsfor dicrib hero

Civic Education Objective: will reads text and speak about Qveen Tamar and her country to this time.

Curriculum Connection:

Class Context and Needs:

Materials: texts and students book,bleacbord

Activities: The lessio ruls students and halps them a teacher.students reads text about the Qveen,teacher askad them a several qvestions around the text.

        1. How many tims tamar reigned of Georgia?
        2. Whot kind of cenchery was her reingned that apoch
        3. Whot kind of Qveen was she?
        4. When Tamar became king?

Assessment: axstensive reading activity,how used qvestons words qoreqtly, to discrib the hero.

Overall Objective: Students reads texts and will be able to describe heros,Qveen Tamar.

Language Objective: students will learn question words for diskcribQveen and hero.

Civic Objective: Will reads text and speak about Tamar and her cenchery.

Stage of Lesson
Warm Up

I give instruqcion to students about text.About whom is the text
Activity 1

Children reads the text.I GAVE THEM SOME qvestions about texs.What kind of Qveen was she?What she did for country?What kind of country was Georgia by that time?
Activity 2

Teacher wrote down nthe sentensis on the bleakbord and students put in the new words
Activity 3

Teacher pleasd to students to shares to aech other whot they understend?
Activity 4

Teacher askd them who is or are for them the heros
Activity 5

How the students like The Qveen or whot they don’t like by the rula of Qveen teacher asked them
Activity 6

Teacher asked to students  if they knew any moor abot Tamar and that age?

Students understend moor about the Qveen.THEY CAN ANALIZED what kind of person is hero

For six years, Tamar was a co-ruler with her father upon whose death, in 1184, Tamar continued as the sole monarch and was crowned a second time at the Gelati cathedral near Kutaisi, western Georgia. She inherited a relatively strong kingdom, but the centrifugal tendencies fostered by the great nobles were far from being quelled. There was a considerable opposition to Tamar's succession; this was sparked by a reaction against the repressive policies of her father and encouraged by the new sovereign's other perceived weakness, her sex.[12] As Georgia had never previously had a female ruler, a part of the aristocracy questioned Tamar's legitimacy, while others tried to exploit her youth and supposed weakness to assert greater autonomy for themselves.[12] The energetic involvement of Tamar's influential aunt Rusudan and theGeorgian catholicos Michael IV Mirianisdze was crucial for legitimizing Tamar's succession to the throne.[14] However, the young queen was forced into making significant concessions to the aristocracy. She had to reward the catholicos Michael's support by making him a chancellor, thus placing him at the top of both the clerical and secular hierarchies.[15]
Tamar was also pressured into dismissing her father's appointees, among them the constable Qubasar (ყუბასარი), a Georgian Kipchak of ignoble birth, who had helped George III in his crackdown on the defiant nobility.[13] One of the few untitled servitors of George III to escape this fate was the treasurer Qutlu Arslan who now led a group of nobles and wealthy citizens in a struggle to limit the royal authority by creating a new council, karavi, whose members would alone deliberate and decide policy.[15] This attempt at "feudal constitutionalism" was rendered abortive when Tamar had Qutlu Arslan arrested and his supporters were inveigled into submission.[13] Yet, Tamar’s first moves to reduce the power of the aristocratic élite were unsuccessful. She failed in her attempt to use a church synod to dismiss the catholicos Michael, and the noble council,darbazi, asserted the right to approve royal decrees.[15] Even the queen’s first husband, the Rus' prince Yuri, was forced on her by the nobles.[15]
Pursuant to dynastic imperatives and the ethos of the time, the nobles required Tamar to marry in order to have a leader for the army and to provide an heir to the throne.[3][13] Their choice fell on Yuri, son of the murdered prince Andrei I Bogolyubsky of Vladimir-Suzdal, who then lived as a refugee among the Kipchaks of the North Caucasus. The choice was approved by Tamar’s aunt Rusudan and the prince was brought to Georgia to marry the queen in 1185.[16] Yuri proved to be an able soldier, but a difficult person and he soon ran afoul of his wife.[3][13] The strained spousal relations paralleled a factional struggle at the royal court in which Tamar was becoming more and more assertive of her rights as a queen regnant.[17] The turning point in Tamar's fortunes came with the death of the powerful catholicos Michael whom the queen replaced, as a chancellor, with her supporter, Anton Gnolistavisdze.[17] Tamar gradually expanded her own power base and elevated her loyal nobles to high positions at the court, most notably the Kurdish family, known in Georgia as the Mkhargrdzeli.[15]
Second marriage
Tamar as depicted on a 13th-century mural from the Kintsvisi monastery
In 1187, Tamar persuaded the noble council to approve her divorce with Yuri who was accused of addiction to drunkenness and "sodomy", and sent off to Constantinople.[17] Assisted by several Georgian aristocrats anxious to check Tamar’s growing power, Yuri made two attempts at coup, but failed and went off to obscurity after 1191.[13] The queen chose her second husband herself. He was David Soslan, an Alan prince, to whom the 18th-century Georgian scholar Prince Vakhushti ascribes descent from the early 11th-century Georgian king George I.[18] David, a capable military commander, became Tamar's major supporter and was instrumental in defeating the rebellious nobles rallied behind Yuri.[19]
Tamar and David had two children. In 1192 or 1194, the queen gave birth to a son, George-Lasha, the future king George IV. The daughter,Rusudan, was born c. 1195 and would succeed her brother as a sovereign of Georgia.[20]
David Soslan's status of a king consort, as well as his presence in art, on charters, and on coins, was dictated by the necessity of male aspects of kingship, but he remained a subordinate ruler who shared throne with and derived his power from Tamar.[19][21] Tamar continued to be styled asmep’et’a mep’e – "king of kings". In Georgian, a language with no grammatical gendersmep'e ("king") does not necessarily imply a masculine connotation and can be rendered as a "sovereign".[22][2] The female equivalent of mep'e is dedop'ali ("queen"), which was applied to queens consortor the king's closest, senior female relatives. Tamar is occasionally called dedop'ali in the Georgian chronicles and on some charters. Thus, the title of mep'e might have been applied to Tamar to mark out her unique position among women.[2]
Foreign policy and military campaigns


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