National and Historical Heroes

This topic will focus on current and historical cultural, political, sports, and media heroes in the U.S. and Georgia as a means of cultural exploration and discussion and language development according to the English Language Curriculum.

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Hero Activity Bank

No paper needed! Have your students (or pairs) create a superhero. Make sure he or she has a special talent. Then have them explain to the class what their talent is. Fly, jump, swim! Be creative: picks up trash, helps older people, is on time, is kind to animals!
  • Superhero flashcards - You can wrote them on paper, no need for copies. Lots of verbs for production. Great game potential - http://bogglesworldesl.com/superhero_flashcards.htm Superfun superhero flashcards
  • Matching pair game (a little higher level) You can write them on paper. No need for copies. http://simpleesl.com/comics-superheroes-esl-game-fun-english-pair-game-activity/ Matching pair game
  • A ready-made exercise for higher-level students. Use heroes to introduce higher-level weather and natural disasters while reinforcing civic responsibility. Students "fill-out" the schedule for their superhero. http://www.efl4u.com/images/Samples/pdfFiles/Heroes.pdf I need a hero, quick!
  • For older students, ready-made lesson plan for teenagers about heroes.
  • www.efl4u.com/images/Samples/pdfFiles/Heroes.pdf Heroes for older students
  • Great discussion questions for older and higher-level students www.esldiscussions.com/h/heroes.doc Discussion questions about heroes
  • A hero can be a firefighter, a police officer, or someone who survives 10 hours after fighting sharks. Great for older students and higher level.
  • http://www.breakingnewsenglish.com/0803/080301-hero.html Ready-made for older and higher-level students
  • Want to try and create your own material? You can do it! Plug in what vocabulary or grammar point you want to work with and away you go!
  • http://www.tefl.net/esl-lesson-plans/worksheet-generator/index.htm Worksheet generator

Reading & Documents


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