Saturday, August 6, 2016

To be or not to be………….the teacher trainer?

        It will please some of you to know that I almost titled this article “Isolated at IST”, but the two trips to the city of Brattleboro would  make this statement wrong so I have changed my mind.
        So, anyway, “To be or not to be???”, those who tend to agree with “to be”, please follow the article to see the continuation.

       August, 5, 2016, the seventh day away from home, the fifth day at World Learning, SIT. About halfway through the course, ticks already feel the “smell of the deer”, all of us excited to catch the blinks of light in the dark tunnel, much knowledge gained, more yet to come.

“How to become a good teacher trainer?”
“How to conduct a good training event?”
“Which training topics to choose?”

         These are some of the questions most of us have in our heads, minds and dreams.
Planning sessions, organizing ideas, collaborating with colleagues are the helping tools for the SIT teachers group from Georgia.

      One sleepless night and finally the day came.  “Micro training and Feedback” sessions conducted by 22 extremely qualified teachers exceeded the trainers’  expectations.
       This is not the end yet, new challenges are waiting forward, new experience is to be gained. 

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