Friday, August 5, 2016

Feedback as a Present

by Mariam Kurahsvili, ICTE II/TOTSI Participant from Kakheti, Georgia

Morning starts with teachers rushing  to a new training auditorium which is a little far from our dorms but seems quite comfortable for us. Our trainer Ms. Radmila began the training by writing the agenda of the day and after the reflection of the previous day the three of our teachers discussed about their visit in Dummerstone at the informational meeting about a fire station building process. They expressed their surprise about the way how American people solve their problems. “Everyone was listening to each other”. We also spoke about the film we saw the previous day and expressed our feelings about the teaching process, the way little children are taught to express their ideas and the diversity of culture.

The speaking game we played was very interesting and enjoyable for us all. The aim of such games is to generate ideas and as our trainer said it’s  important not to make pragmatic mistakes.

The clip we watched at the session was quite interesting and productive. Adrian Underhill was explaining to us how to use the phonemic chart to teach pronunciation.We talked about our first reaction to the film and what we would like to steal from Adrian. For me it was his organizational skills indeed!
Mr Nill's visit made all the teachers in a very good mood! We are going to Boston on Sunday at last! Adaptors are brought and we are going to have lunch.
After lunch we talked about giving/receiving feedback and the types of observations.
At the end of the session we were given a homework to get ready for the micro-trainings for tomorrow. The groups of three were given a topic and we all began to get ready for the task.
Pizza party and the Georgian-American songs were the great end of the day.                                    

 We are all happy, motivated, purposeful and will do our best in our micro-trainings tomorrow. So we are looking forward to a feedback as a present.

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