Sunday, August 7, 2016

Lazy Saturday

By Babi Kenchuashvili, ICTE I/TOTSI participant from Gori, Georgia

Saturdays are usually lazy for most of us, but not here, in Vermont. No time to feel tired and lazy. So many things to see and so much to experience.
The day schedule offered trips in the afternoon but there was so much to do before afternoon. Walking down the hill was a wonderful physical exercise after a busy week. Georgians walking down the road and singing polyphonic Georgian songs surprised American drivers who were passing by.     

Soon it was time for the promised trips. Part of the teachers decided to spend the afternoon at the County Fair and another group went to the wonderful town of Keene. Clean, friendly and welcoming, full of wonderful flowers, open cafes and people enjoying their week-ends. This is how we will remember the small town of Keene.

Our special interest went to a cute flower shop which in fact was not only a flower shop. This was a small paradise inviting Keene visitors and locals to go inside, relax and feel the beauty of the nature. We were impressed and did not want to leave it.

In fact, a Lazy Saturday turned out to be an active and unforgettable Saturday. 

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