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#2 Third Competition for Teacher Generated Materials / National Symbols / Grade 10-12

#2 Third Competition for Teacher Generated Materials / National Symbols / Grade 10-12

Overall Objective: Ss will be able to learn about  Sameba Cathedal in Tbilisi and Taj Mahal in India and identify similarities and differences between these to symbols.

Language Objective:  Ss will be able to use new vocabulary,  like   (Cathedral,Orthodox, trinity, commemorate, autocepaly, mausoleum,     Muslim,masterpiece, mosque) and learn the correct pronunciation of some proper names.

Civic Education Objective: Ss will be able to compare two symbols of Georgia and India and use all the gained information in real life.

Curriculum Connection:

Grade: 10-12

Class Context and Needs: intermediate (B1) level, secondary students

Materials: texts about  Taj Mahal and Sameba , posters, notebook , slide show, whiteboards, markers,

Overall Objective:

Language Objective:

Civic Objective:
Stage of Lesson
Warm Up

Greeting. Motivating students for the lesson. Creating positive learning atmosphere.
 T shows two short slide shows about two different symbols and asks Ss  to name them and make some predictions about the topic of the lesson. T also sticks some additional copies of different symbols on the board. Ss express their ideas and name the topic of the lesson .
7 min

Activity 1

T gives Ss slips of papers with different questions about symbols  .Ss work in pairs. They share the ideas to each other and then introduce answer to the class.
Questions: what do you think:
     what  is the word  “Symbol ‘?
                   Why are the symbols so important ?
T asks the students to think over and name national symbols .All the ideas are exceptable and T with the help of Ss,  fills the  mind map .

6 min

Activity 2

 T distributes TWL chart. Ss fill it with necessary information. At the beginning of the lesson Ss fill only first and the second column of the chart. Ss work individually and then share with a partner.

5 min

Handout 2
Activity 3

listening.T distributes two short texts about Taj Mahal and Sameba with missing information.  Ss  will listen the  recording about them and fill the missing information.    Ss ll work in pairs. they will listen the recording twice . They will  check information reading the text loudly. T shows the correct text on the board.

10 min
Activity 4

 In pairs. For checking understanding of the text  T distributes the True and False sentences. Ss do the exercise and the whole class check it.

5 min
Handout 5
Activity 5

  T divides Ss into two groups .T distributes the slips of papers with different sentences about two symbols and asks students to think over and stick appropriate sentence under the correct picture ( Sameba  and Taj Mahal).  The presenter reads  the sentence to the whole class.

5 min
Handout 5
Activity 6
Ss work in two groups .T asks Ss to think over and distinguish similarities and differences between these two symbols. Ss fill Vene diagrama and intreduce it to the class .
5 min
Handout 6
Activity 7
Ss  finish TWL chart and summerise the lesson.
3 min
 An essay  : find information about National Symbols of Great  Britain an USA  and compare them .

                                                                       Handout 1
                                                            National Symbols


Taj Mahal

Handout 2


Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal

Orthodox church
Between 1995 and 2004
Largest religious building in Sauth Caucasus
Located on Elia hill
Vistiors take look at Tbilisi
Nine chapels
Finished in 2004
Natioanal and spiritual revival
Anonymous donations
Archil Mindiashvili
Left bank of the Kura
5000 square meters
A white marble mausoleum
Yamuna river
Between 1631 and 1648
  Shah Jahan
 Favourite wife Mumtaz Mahal
More than 22 000 people
 17 years
 A mosque and guest houses
17 meters
 World heritage
 3 million visitors a day
 7 wonders of the world

Text comprehension
1 . Sameba Cathedral was built  between 1895 and 2000 years.   T................F
2. Taj Mahal is located in Indian city Agra. 
3. Sameba is one of the largest Orthodox churches in Sauth Caucasus. 
T ........... F
4.  Taj Mahal was built nearly by 1,000 workers. 
5.  The full hight of the masouleum is 27 meters. 
6. Taj Mahal was declared as one of the 7 wonders of the world. 
7. Sameba project was desighned by architect Archil Mindiashvili. T.............F
8. Sameba as well as Taj Mahal attrects a lot of tourists around the world. 
T ...........F         

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