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#3 Third Competition for Teacher Generated Materials / National Symbols / Grade 7

#3 Third Competition for Teacher Generated Materials / National Symbols / Grade 7

Grade 7

General objective

Ss will be able to speak about American and Georgian national symbols.

Language objective

Ss will be able: to use target language in the different written tasks (target language includes: symbolize, independence, freedom, stripe, torch, statue...), to find differences and similarities between Kartlis Deda and Statue of Liberty, to do matching and filling in chart activities and answer true/false questions.

Civic objective

By the end of lesson, Ss will be able to describe/speak about two national symbols using the vocabulary from the poster on the wall.

Class Context and Needs

There are16  students in the 7th grade and they are  12- 13  years old. They have been learning English for  five  years. There are no students of special needs. Students don’t misbehave at the lesson, they are very motivated. 
Handouts, posters, chalk and board, papers and pens, flags of Georgia and USA, laptop computer and  speaker.
Activities :

Warm-up, brainstorming, activities for speaking, reading a text, group activities of matching, Venn Diagram, thinking, writing.
Students will be given commentaries.

Stage of Lesson


Warm up

Teacher introduces the topic of lesson, teaches vocabulary related symbols.
T. asks the sts what do they know about American and Georgian national symbols ( flag, food, drinks, money, statue). After sts name many symbols, T hangs the poster of American and Georgian symbols on the wall and sts check up their answers.

7 min.
Activity 1

Teacher puts the poster of questionnaire on the wall, sts answers the questions step by step.
Questionnaire includes such questions as:
     1.     Do you think a flag is an important national symbol?
     2.     How is the anthem of Georgia called?
T. turns on music of Georgian anthem and Sts sing Georgian anthem.
13 min.
Handout 1
Activity 2.

Teacher puts a poster of new vocabulary. New vocabulary is written on a flip chart paper with transcriptions , stress marks and Armenian meanings. Sts repeat the words with teacher.
3 min.

Activity 3.

T. distributes the text about Kartlis Deda and Statue of Liberty, tells the sts to read the text and underline the new words in the text that they have learned.
5 min.
Handout 2.

Activity 4.
T.  hands out the question slips and asks sts to use questions and speak about two statues in pairs.
Handout 3.

Activity 5.

T. divides the class into four groups and gives a different written tasks for each group.
For example, the first group fills in chart about Kartlis Deda and Statue of Liberty.
The second group matches the half sentences with their halves.
The third group answers true/false questions.
The forth group fills the Venn diagram with similarities and differences.
Handout 4.
Handout 5.
Handout 6.
Handout 7.
T. calls out the leaders of groups and asks them to represent their works to the class. T. gives commentaries.

Handout 1. 

    1.     What American national symbols do you know?
    2.     What Georgian national symbols do you know?
    3.     Do you think a flag is an important national symbol?
    4.     How is the flag of the USA called?
    5.     How is the flag of Georgia called?
    6.     How many stars are there on the flag of the USA?
    7.     How many strips are there on the flag of the USA?
    8.     What do the stripes and stars represent?
    9.     What colour is Georgian flag?
   10.   How many crosses are on the Georgian flag and what they represent?
   11.   Why American  flag does not have crosses but Georgian flag has?
   12.   What symbols do you know in America and in Georgia that are statues of women?
   13.    What is an official song of the USA and what about is it?
   14.     How is the anthem of Georgia called?

Handout 2.

Kartlis Deda

Kartlis Deda was constructed in 1958. It was designed by Egula Amashukeli to celebrate the 1500 year anniversary of Tbilisi. The Statue of a Georgian woman is represented in Georgian National dress. It is located on Soloaki hill. The Statue is 20 meters high and is made of aluminum. She  symbolize the Georgian national character. The figure holds a bowl of wine in her left hand to greet friends. In her right hand, she holds a sward to meet the enemy with strength.

Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty was designed by Frederick Auguste Bartholdi to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of American independence. It was completed in 1886. It is located in Ellis island near harbor of New York City. The statue is 46 meters high and is made of copper. The Statue was a gift from France. In her right hand she holds a torch to welcome the immigrants to America. The torch represents political freedom. In her left hand she holds a book of laws, which represents the Constitution of the United State.

 Handout 3.  
                                          Answer the questions

     1.     Which statue is the oldest?
     2.     Which statue is the tallest?
     3.     Which  statue is more beautiful?
     4.     Which statue is represented in woman's national dress?
     5.     Which statue greets  the friends?
     6.     Which statue welcomes the immigrants?
     7.     Which statue is a gift for the country?
     8.     Which symbol represents  the  political freedom ?
     9.     Which symbol symbolizes the strength?
    10.   Which statue do you like more?

Handout 4.                            Fill in chart

Statue of Liberty
Kartlis Deda
When was it constructed?

Who was designer?


Where is it located?

What is it made from?

What has the statue in her left hand?

What has the statue in her right hand?

Purpose of the building

Handout 5.    

     1.     The Statue of Liberty is                           a. the Georgian national character
     2.     Kartlis Deda is                                         b. political freedom
     3.     The Statue of Liberty                               c. in Tbilisi
     4.      Kartlis Deda symbolize                           d. in her left hand
     5.     The torch represents                               e. represents  the Constitution
     6.     The figure holds a bowl of wine               f. in New York
     7.     A book of laws                                         g. was a gift from France

Handout  6.                           True-false 

     1.     Kartlis Deda is made of copper.              T.       F.
     2.   The Statue of Liberty was a gift from France.      T.       F.
     3.   The sward in Kartlis Deda's hand represents hospitality.      T.       F.
     4.   The torch in the left hand of the Statue of Liberty represents
          political freedom.     T.       F.
     5.     Kartlis Deda is located on the Black sea.     T.       F.
     6.     In Liberty's left hand is bowl of wine.          T.       F.
     7.     Kartlis Deda is represented in men's clothes.     T.       F.

      Handout 7.                             Comparison


 1. Celebrate                                                        4. In her right hand
 2. The Statue is represented in                           5. In her left hand
 3. was built

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