Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Results of the Competition for Teacher Generated Materials

Competition for Teacher Generated Materials came to an end. The ELCE-II Program announced the competition on February 1, 2015. The purpose of the competition was to support networking among the teachers by means of utilizing peer review for teacher-generated materials and encourage teachers to try new things/activities and ideas drawing on crowd-sourcing.

All the English language teachers participating in ELCE-II /Cycle 1 were invited to send lesson plans and supplementary materials to ELCE-II staff, who then posted the materials to the ELCE program blog (www.elce-online.com). February 28 was set as a deadline for lesson plan submission and all the in-service and pre-service teachers participating in the program were encouraged to rate the lesson plans of their colleagues and peers. Thirty alumni of the U.S. Embassy Funded Training of Trainers Summer Institute (TOTSI) from the Intensive Course of Teachers of English (ICTE) program were also invited to rate the competition materials.

Twenty-eight teachers (16 from Tbilisi and 12 from Samtskhe-Javakheti) participated in the competition and submitted a total of 41 lesson plans that have been posted to the ELCE blog. April 30 was set as a deadline for rating the lesson plans.  Teachers were instructed to use the following criteria while rating /assessing the competition materials:

·         Includes clearly stated pedagogical, language and civic education objectives;
·         Focuses on the learner & gives evidence of activities which include all students;
·         Activities reflect logical steps toward achievement of objective;
·         Activities contain scaffolding – through specific directions and/or handouts;
·         Final activity shows evidence that learners have achieved the objective;
·         Incorporates communicative approach to language;
·         Material is engaging and age/level specific;
·         Lesson plan contains enough specific instructions to enable a teacher to use the lesson plan without having attended ELCE workshops.
 The competition was held in three categories of elementary grades (1-5); secondary grades (6-9); and high school grades (10-12). Final results were calculated by adding up all the scores this or that lesson plan got and dividing the sum by the number of times they were rated. Here are the results:

1-5 grades:

1st place:  Lia Dekanosidze – Tbilisi School #150 - Lesson Plan #12 – 28 (authentic) 5-star ratings - Average Score: 4.51 - http://www.elce-online.com/2015/03/12-competition-for-teacher-generated.html

2nd place: Nino Getsadze – Tbilisi School #51 - Lesson Plan #9 – 26 (authentic) 5-star ratings - Average Score: 4.47 - http://www.elce-online.com/2015/03/9-competition-for-teacher-generated.html 

3rd place: Nino Begishvili – Akhaltsikhe School #2 - Lesson Plan #35 – 35 (authentic) 5-star ratings - Average Score: 4.27 - http://www.elce-online.com/2015/03/35-competition-for-teacher-generated.html

6-9 grades:

1st place: Natia Gadelia – Tbilisi School #26 - Lesson Plan #11 – 17 (authentic) 5-star ratings - Average Score: 4.48 - http://www.elce-online.com/2015/03/11-competition-for-teacher-generated.html

2nd place: Eka Chubinidze – Tbilisi School #2 - Lesson Plan #19 – 12 (authentic) 5-star ratings - Average Score: 4.40 - http://www.elce-online.com/2015/03/19-competition-for-teacher-generated.html

3rd place: Maia Kemoklidze – Tbilisi School #173  –Lesson Plan #41 - 11 (authentic) 5-star ratings - Average Score: 4.29 - http://www.elce-online.com/2015/03/41-competition-for-teacher-generated.html 

10-12 grades:

1st place: Tinatin Vardidze – Akhatsikhe School #1 - Lesson Plan #8 – 34 (authentic) 5-star ratings - Average Score: 4.86 - http://www.elce-online.com/2015/03/8-competition-for-teacher-generated.html

2nd place: Maia Teliashvili – Vale School #1 - Lesson Plan #29 – 8 (authentic) 5-star ratings - Average Score: 4.17 - http://www.elce-online.com/2015/03/29-competition-for-teacher-generated.html

3rd place: Guranda Modebadze – Samtskhe-Javakheti State University - Lesson Plan #27 – 15 (authentic) 5-star ratings - Average Score: 4.11 - http://www.elce-online.com/2015/03/27-competition-for-teacher-generated.html

First place winners in each category will be awarded prizes along with relevant certificates. Teachers with second best and third best results will be acknowledged by awarding them certificates. 

Congratulations to our winners!!

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