Thursday, September 24, 2015

Second Competition for ELCE II Program /Cycle 1 Teacher Generated Materials

Dear ELCE-II /Cycle 1 Participant English Teachers and students,

The second ELCE-II Competition for Teacher Generated Materials starts NOW! J
This means that you can start submitting your lesson plans (and handouts that come with it) already today, September 22, 2015. The lesson plan and supplementary materials (handouts /presentations) should include the name and school of the author and also - the grade it is intended for. You should send the materials to: . Deadline for submitting the lesson plans is October 15, 2015. You should also send me your personal e-mail address, so that we are able to register you on our special Virtual Office (VO) platform that will be used for rating the lesson plans.
Here’s what will happen after you submit your lesson plans:
·            We will register all the materials and upload them to our blog and our Virtual Office (that you all will have access to as soon as I have your e-mail addresses). The name of the author for each lesson plan will be registered but it will not be indicated on the blog or the VO to ensure transparency and impartiality when rating the lesson plan. Only the grade/class will be mentioned.  
·            All the participants of ELCE II/Cycle I (teachers as well as students) are required to go online and rate the lesson plans based on a special rubric. Instructions for rating will follow shortly. The cumulative sum of points that each of you collect will depend not only on the results of the rating of your lesson plan, but also, on how many lesson plans (of your colleagues) you will rate.
·            Rating of the lesson plans will start on November 1, 2015 and will end on November 15, 2015.  
·            Just like last time, we will have three categories: elementary grades (1-5); secondary grades (6-9); high school grades (10-12) and consequently, there will be three winners (one per category).
·            The winners will be awarded with a certificate and a gift (now you know that the gift is worthy to fight for J).
·            Please, note that the competition is not region specific.  All the participants of ELCE-II/Cycle I from Tbilisi and Samtskhe-Javakheti will be competing with one another.  
·            This time ELCE II/Cycle 1 participants students will also be able to participate in the competition (send us their lesson plan and win J).
The assessment/rating rubric will consist of the following questions:
1.     Includes clearly stated pedagogical, language and civic education objectives;
2.     Focuses on the learner & gives evidence of activities which include all students
3.     Activities reflect logical steps toward achievement of objective
4.     Activities contain scaffolding – through specific directions and/or handouts.
5.     Final activity shows evidence that learners have achieved the objective
6.     Incorporates communicative approach to language
7.     Material is engaging and age/level specific
8.     Lesson plan contains enough specific instructions to enable a teacher to use the lesson plan without having attended the ELCE workshops.  

Each of the above stated rubric questions will have three possible answers with relevant points:
Yes = 4 points
Partially = 2 points
No = 0 points

Each of you will get one additional point for rating each of your colleagues’ lesson plans.
Thus the cumulative sum of your points will equal the rating your colleagues gave you + number of lesson plans you rated.

Please, feel free to contact us for any additional questions. Good luck,



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