Thursday, March 26, 2015

#39: Competition for Teacher Generated Materials: National Symbols / Grade 2

Curriculum Connection: English Curriculum grade 2. Objectives 1.1, 1.3, 1.6, 1.10, 1.11
Class Context and Needs: Elementary classroom, basic level learners
Materials: cards, flashcards, handouts, slide-shows
Activities: warm-up, new vocabulary, matching, writing, reading, painting, comparing, playing a game.
Assessment: Students will match pictures to the new words, paint the cartoon characters according to their descriptions, make presentations describing them.
Overall Objective: Students will be able to learn new vocabulary to describe cartoon characters (as national symbols of American cartoon)
Language Objective: Students will be able to use new vocabulary: cartoon, beak, ears, dress, shoes, hair, tail. They will be able to use “have/has got” while describing the cartoon characters.
Civic Objective: Students will be able to describe American cartoon characters.
Stage of Lesson
Warm Up
Show students Georgian and American flags as one of the symbols of these countries. Then ask students which cartoon characters they know. Draw a mind map on the board.
3 m
Activity 1
Show students flashcards. Explain the new vocabulary: cartoon, beak, ears, dress, shoes, hair, tail. Ask students to repeat new words after you.
Play a game: Ask students to shut their eyes (or turn to the wall), take one of the flashcards which are on the board, ask students to open their eyes (or turn to the board) and ask the question “What is missing”?
5 m
Activity 2
Explain students the verb “have/has got”
3 m
Activity 3

Playing a game: Choose some students and explain the rules of the game. There are pictures of the words they know in the box. Students stand in a circle Each student takes a card out of the box and starts the sentence with “I have got a…” The time is limited. If a student can’t name the picture she/he is out. After the small group finishes modeling the whole class takes part in the game.
Activity 4
Show the students slide-show 1. There are cartoon characters and their description. Explain each slide.
3 m
Assessment 1
Give students handout 1. They match the pictures to the new words.
Assessment 2

Give students handout 2. They should read sentences and colour the pictures according to the instructions.
Assessment 3

Students make presentations describing the cartoon characters they have coloured.
Assessment 4
Show students slide-show 2, extracts from the cartoons. They should guess which cartoon it is.


Handout 2.


Slide Show 1.

Slide show 2.