Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Trial and error

Morning,  very quiet and peaceful. Feels like no one thinks about getting up,  that’s because of last night’s hard work.  Questions: what will happen? Have we written good session titles  or achievable objectives? Are our activities challenging enough?
 Sleepless  and tired faces in the canteen. Everyone is busy with their own work. Reflection phase and another busy 3 hours for planning, changing ideas and aims, asking concept questions, giving support, still some misunderstandings.

 4 p.m.  and everything is done, relaxed faces, taking feedback as gifts, ideas to think about. Group reunion again, the desire to talk, ask about each other’s experience.  A guest speaker Joe Cook from Dummerston Council who talks about some interesting facts connected to their work.

As we have been here for 9 days already, I decided to investigate some facts about Vermont,  in order  to deepen our knowledge  and then to make our classroom presentations in Georgia about the  place we visited.
Here are my findings:
Do you know  what the name Vermont means?_ in French Vert (green), Mont ( mountain) and the original name was _ New Connecticut,
The first state to outlaw adult slavery.

The capital Montpelier is the least populous state capital.

 Motto_ Freedom and Unity

Some symbols: Flower_ red clover, 
 Tree_ sugar maple 
Famous  person: John Dewey ( hopefully we all will remember him for his theory of  constructivism)

Evening. Dickinson campus is very hospitable as usual. Talking about the day  with a nice cup of tea.
I am writing my piece, looking at the others and feeling that we  have really  experienced, reflected and analyzed a lot together and what is our action plan? To remain friends and support each other in Georgia  like we do here.
P.S. By the way my Vermont findings and the guest speaker’s talk about volunteerism and civic engagement can be used in our third session planning. Good luck.

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