Monday, August 8, 2016

By Nana Tatiashvili, ICTE II/TOTSI  Participant  from  Gurjaani, Kakheti region, GEORGIA 
7 August, 2016
                                                  Our Dream Has Come True
    Sunday morning… Our group’s wish has come true…Promised trip to Boston, Massachusetts started .After sixteen years I am still on the way to Boston. At last our bus has appeared and excited teachers with rucksacks got on the bus in turn…As usual our trip was very joyful, musical and full of humor…From time to time laughing and singing was heard…I can say that all teachers are amazing and special. They are professionals and dedicated but Maya Kemoklidze is heart and soul of our group who always tries to make us happy and cheerful. She is a very creative and friendly person…So we are ready for unforgettable adventure with smiley faces….

                                                           Lost In Boston
     Harvard   University was the first place of our visit … so great and at the same time simple with its buildings, beautifully decorated lawns and high trees. People are coming from all over the world to see it, touch the shoe of the Harvard statue and make a wish…You can meet people here from Asia and Europe, Africa and Australia But the most exciting  moment is when you Hear…Georgian GAMARJOBA…It was exciting for the Georgians as we came across two Georgian women   who live In  Atlanta, USA…They are from Kakheti and Guria region…They were so happy…Took pictures and said Good-bye….I do not like saying good-bye, but we were rushing as only 3 hours and a  half was our time for staying  in Boston…

                                           Harvard Business School
      One more Georgian young man, from Kutaisi, who is working in as a programmer, warmly greeted and took us to see this educational center. The quiet and  peaceful atmosphere and old and strict buildings made a great impression on us and made this day memorable.

            From Harvard school of business we took a tour to city center. Our, a little embarrassing woman driver strived, tried and at last took us to the final destination. We strolled around the city, shopping, taking photos, tasting some dishes and enjoying the magnificent environment.

         One of our friends Mari who dreamed of getting to ‘real America” is happy at last.
      She is In America between Skyscrapers, noisy and strange streets full of shops and markets…open concerts and performances…strong and beautifully decorated horses, harbors with the smell of tar…ships and  loud music and tiring faces , happy couples  with babies …everything is mingled….But it is attractive in its own way….

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