Thursday, August 11, 2016

 Ketevan Ghvania
 One more successful step
       As Andy would say the tick is already tasting the blood of the deer on the tenth day of steep learning curve.The raining morning started with the knocking on my neighbor Tiko’s and her roaring back complaining not to awake her. She got ready reluctantly as usual and finally we ended up in the canteen packed with loads of people to enjoy usual American breakfast.Getting separated in three groups we followed to room IC 105.Having attended the inspiring micro training  on the topics “To integrate speaking fluency through civics”,by Nana Tatiashvili and very touchy  reading topic about the most  amazing and  loving couple by Tamuna Kaladze.  
        We were done by listening to dear Andy’s positive,encouraging and collaborative feedback accompanied by our charming, fancy Nana’s smile.After enjoying our vital and crucial coffee break some of the teachers vividly got energy and power to cope with upcoming session planning.We headed to the library for searching a suitable title for our assignment.

We were back again for our deserved lunch full of new faces around.One more step was  taken forward to the successful final.
We are already brave to experiment and head towards the  perfection as trainers. Instead of going down on the hill in searching for the cheapest stores among the most expensive ones we were all busy getting ready for the last session at  SIT location.My next door neighbor Tiko  got sick but  Jonah,the most supportive person, and our devoted Nana  were there with loads of medicines and everything went for better. Tomorrow is the day when we can breathe with relief.
               we are getting ready for New York,the city where nobody sleeps and soon we will be the part of this  crazy geographical spot in the world.


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