Thursday, August 4, 2016

Creating Capabilities

by Nino Khabazishvili, ICTE II/TOTSI Participant from Sagarejo, Georgia

Finding the Name
Creating capabilities – a title of the book I find in a ‘micro-library’ on the window just I open it to grasp fresh air of Vermont mountains and I realize that I find the title of the day – creating capabilities! – and not only the title for the day but it also greatly expresses the meaning and the purpose of travelling in the USA, Vermont Brattleboro SIT.

Starting the Day
Morning starts with teachers rushing to the classroom and still exploring the campus on the way hearing a few complaints about clouds and fog. Looking at some hometask papers and taking seats in the classroom even earlier (unusual for Georgians)

Day Schedule - What We Have Learnt
Nice morning activities. Mr. Andy supports the teachers to recall all the things they have learnt in a very engaging and entertaining way thanks to his professionalism. Mr. Andy, you are a great trainer!

A very geometrical session – teachers think, discuss and share the ideas about the characteristics of a good trainer, recall and talk about the best training session in their career and the teachers think over what skills they want to develop. A very productive day!

Role play – the best activity where the teachers discuss the issues from different perspectives – teachers, school principals, students, ministry of education, foreign visitors and the journalists. Challenges everywhere – but all the goals go to focus students achievement, success and development.

Ms. Radmila – we love your outstanding and wonderful speaking activities ‘paving the way to fluency and accuracy’ and the teachers are looking forward to studying your wonderful forth one tomorrow. Great trainer!

Unforgettable Picnic Lunch – Very American  :)
It seems to me that this is the first time during our stay that we feel America, we taste America and smell America. A lovely pond, great food and friendly people. Thank you for that! 

Brattleboro Visit
A small American town, peaceful, green, friendly and famous for maple syrup and pancakes. First souvenirs are bought! 

Campus Life Late in the Evening
The teachers watch the movie about a local teacher and we all agree that the film is inspiring. It made us think how teaching young kids can be challenging and enjoyable at the same time.
I may miss something here, but I express my appreciation and thank to all of you!