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#4 Fourth Competition for Teacher Generated Materials / CRITICAL LITERACY / Grade 6

General Objective
In this lesson,  students will develop an awareness of how to describe the characters of the story and use adjectives
Language   Objective
Students will use new vocabulary they learnt about the traditional fairy tale The Three Little Pigs. 
Civic  Objective
Students will be able to discuss the behavior of the characters and to describe the plot of the fairy tale, the beginning and the ending and a description of the main character.
Stage of  lesson
Warm up
Teacher asks students about their knowledge of fairy tales.   Which fairy tales can they name.
Come to the board and match pictures with names of fairy tales. 
Students come up to the board and match the names of pictures of fairy tale characters with the title of the fairy tale. 

5  minutes
Activity 1 Teacher hands out jumbled slips of paper with new vocabulary words and English definitions and correct the matching activity  
Ss will work in pairs and revise new vocabulary  by matching the new words with their English definitions.   
Hand out 1
3-4 minutes
Activity 2
Teacher stops video several times and asks students to predict what will happen next.   Teacher mentions new vocabulary. 
Students   watch  the  video “The three little pigs”:

5 minutes
Activity 2.  Teacher distributes Handout 2, fill-in the gap with the missing words. 
Students complete the fill-in the gap activity. 
3 minutes
Activity  3.
The teacher asks students the following questions about the fairy tale.  
     1.   What  is  the  title  of  your  fairy  tale?
     2.   Where does your  story take place?
     3.   Who  is  the main character?
     4.   What  are  they trying to do?
     5.   What are the materials that the three pigs used to build their houses?
     6.   What is the magic in this story?
     7.   Which one was the best? Why didn’t all three of  them use it?
     8.   Do you think the pigs were good brothers? Why or why not?
     9.   Who  is  the  villain /vilən/ ?
     10.               Who is your favourite  character and why? 
     11.               Which character don’t you  like and why?
     12.               What  lesson  does  this  story  teach us?
10 minutes
Activity 4.
Teacher ask students to form groups and  distributes  handouts 3 and asks  them  to  fill in the chart about  the  fairy tale “the three little pigs”.
Teacher monitors student groups. 
Students fill in the chart after class discussion. 
4 minutes
Activity 5.
Students will be divided into 3 groups and draw posters above the episodes in the three Little Pigs using information from the chart.
Teacher gives a rubric to each student and explains that their poster will be evaluated by this rubric. 
 Students work together to  draw a pictures to illustrate episodes from the “Three little pigs”. 
They will write their own sentences to describing  these events and the moral of the story through pictures on posters.
10  minutes
Activity 6
Assessment of posters. 
Teacher guides the students to help them fill in the rubric.   Saying “This poster has 5 small pictures which describe events, so we should give this poster a  4.”     “This poster has 3 misspelt words, so this poster should get a 2 for spelling.”    
The leader of each group comes to the front of the class and displays the poster. 

After instructions, students speak to each other in a group and vote  for each poster. 

The teacher collects the ballots for each poster and counts the totals at the bottom of each ballot. Students assist in counting  and  teacher declares the winner. 
5 Min.
Teacher should make separate rubrics – one rubric for poster 1,  rubric for poster 2,and poster 3.  and hand three ballots to each group for voting.

Handout 1

Vocabulary words

1. fairy tale-  a simple children's story about magical creatures 
2. narrate-  to tell (a story)
3. merchant-  someone who buys and sells goods
4. 6. hardworking-   using a lot of time and energy to do work
5. take place- to happen 
6. straw-a single dry stem of a grain plant
7. brick-  a small, hard block of baked clay that is used to build structures
8. chimney- the part that sticks up above the roof
9. carry- to have (something) with you or on your body
10. nearly- almost but not quite
11. leave (left)-  to go away from 
12. evil -morally bad
 13.greedy  - very eager to have something
 14.shortcut  -  a shorter, quicker, or easier way to get to a place

Handout  2
The three  little pigs

Once upon a _____  there lived three little pigs and a wolf. The _____  pigs all built houses.
The first _____ built a house from _____. The second built a house from ______. The third pig built a house from bricks.
Along came the _____ and blew down the straw house and  the stick house.
No matter how hard he blew he couldn’t blow the house made from ____.
The three little pigs lived happily ____  after.

three        time          ever           sticks      wolf          pig                bricks              straw 

Handout 3

Title  of  your fairy  tale

Good characters

Bad character

Who is your favourite character and why?


Special  beginning

Special ending


Happy end (solution)

Handout 4


Poster 1  

5 or 6 small drawings showing episodes in story
Three pictures
Two pictures
One picture
5 sentences, and moral.  One grammatical error. 
4 sentences
2 grammar errors.

3 sentences
3 grammar errors
2 sentences
3 or more
grammar errors.
No spelling errors
One spelling
Two spelling
Three spelling errors.

SCORE FOR SPELLING _______   =  Total ________

Evaluate this material

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