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#3 Fourth Competition for Teacher Generated Materials / Professions / Grade 9-10

Overall Objective: students will be able to choose three most significant professions for them and their thinking style .They  will use future forms to describe their choice.

Language Objective: Students will be able to use future forms will,be going to ,first /second conditional.
Civic Education Objective: They will be able  choose  one thinking style and three most significant professions for them .They will be able explain their choice.

Curriculum Connection:

Class Context and Needs: Intermediate level.Two students with special needs.

Materials: projector ,laptop ,board ,handouts ,slips of paper ,

Activities:1.Warm up – Slide show ,find the omitted word
                3.ask and answer
                5.After Reading
                6.Group work

Assessment: Assessment Rubric

Overall Objective:

Language Objective:

Civic Objective:

Stage of Lesson
Warm Up

Teacher shows students  an expression of  Marthin Luther King and asks to fill omitted words .asks them to explain,, keep forward ‘’
Activity 1

teacher shows several slides which are unhappy professionals and students describe them what kind of professional are they .After that  teacher gives them the handout and they have to listen  and   choose correct answer  the short dialogue  between two career officers .
5 -10 minutes
Activity 2

Teacher gives the class two hand outs .They are different colours.Student have to read these 2 real stories and  2 situations and underline will ,be going to ,If….will/would forms .After that they will share with their partner .They complete the sentences with different words
7-10 minutes
Activity 3

Teacher divides the class into two groups .Each group has to  make sentences  and give advice .students   use will ,be going to if will/would ,should
Activity 4

Teacher gives the students 2 handouts. One  with six different  hats  and one with one hat without colour they have to analyze thinking styles and choose their own thinking hat and colour the  own hat .
Activity 5

Teacher gives the students handouts they have to range 3 most significant professions individually and connect them with thinking styles .Each group   will speak about their future plans and use be going to /will
6-7 minutes
Activity 6

As homework teacher gives the class the real situation they have to help a student analyze her problem  and find the right choice for her


Listening task

Listen and choose the best answer( a or b )

1.Craig has been working as a careers officer for …………………years
a.17      b.15
2.Susan talks to about …………………pupils about careers each year .
a.500     b.5000
3.What does Craig say about the work of a career officer ?
a.It has  changed completely over the years
b.It does not change it is similar to what it was
4.Craig’s advice is that you should ………. ready to choose a completely different career
b.only talk about your ambition
5.Susan’s advice is that you should……………..
a.become a lowyer if you like helping people
b.find out more about the job you want to do

Handout 1

The problematic situation
Elene is in the 12th grade .She  thinks  that she will be a perfect professional after 6 years  .She  is  good at History and English .She has high marks  in school  but she  has difficulties in Math. She is very hard working .
Elene is going to to study political science ,she thinks she will be a good lowyer .She organized the meeting and protected other students rights .
Elene’s parents  belong to middle class family ,they will not pay the  studying fee.If she do not have money ,she will not study university .

Elene lives in a small town .If she enetered university she would move to the big city .Her parents suggested her learn a college and she will become a nurse .If she worked as a nurse she coul pay her studying fee.Her cousin coul give her work as a nurse .Elene does not know what to do …

Handout #2

The second problematic situation

Natia is in the 12th grade .she thinks she will be a good professional after 6 years  .She is good  at literature . She is very creative and has original or innovative ideas .She  is not going to study at the university .She thinks she will not get a well paid job.She thinks It is impossible in her country to get a job with her abilities .She is very sensible  she wants to find solution in this situation .she is going to study at a college  to become a shop assistant .Her parents will not agree this choice of career .They say that they  will be  ready to pay her fee if she will enter the university .Her parents are doctors and thought she will be a doctor .Natia gets high marks in Science and Maths but she thinks she will not be a doctor .If she were not sensible person She would help other people .She wants to help others .She does not know what to do.

The first  teenager about his future plans

I will not study university .I will learn foreign languages and I will paint pictures .If I did not have the ability drawing  I would study  History .I am not interested in becoming a good professional I only want to be famous artist with  my paintings .people will know about me soon I am sure I will be famous .As a talented artist I participated in two exhibitions  .If  more people knew about me I would be more popular.

The second teenager

I am in the 12 th grade .I  will be a good professional  but at the moment  I  think I  will not need an university education .I am  going to sdudy at college  to be a shop assistant ,my  parents  do not agree with me but I am independent  in my choice .
 I like  fashion and new clothes  only.
MY  parents are ready to pay my  fee if I  will enter the university .My decision is correct and suitable for me and in the future after 10 or 12 years I am going to study the  university .If I were a student ,I would be work hard .I am going to study and become a professional manager.

A lucky professional  #1

I believe that success in life comes after hard work .I am professional accountant I have well –paid job .If I did  not choose a profession correctly I would  not be a successful person .I liked Math and Science I was positive person with logical thinking .I am going to develop my career in the future.

The second lucky story #2

I am a teacher  .My parents did not agree with me to choose the teacher  profession they wanted for me  well-paid job .They thought that teaching is not well-paid .I choose a profession myself I worked hard and I will improve my teaching skills gradually .I have well-paid job but tiring.I  creat something new and different every day .I am going to become a member of different teaching organizations and I am going to develop as a teacher  in the future .I will go to the USA .If I go to the United States I will be  more successful.If I had chance to choose my profession again I would be a teacher.

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