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#33 Third Competition for Teacher Generated Materials / Peofession / Grade 10

#33 Third Competition for Teacher Generated Materials / Peofession / Grade 10

Overal Objectives : Ss will be able to practice Pre- reading, while reading and post reading activities about profession.

Language Objectives : Ss will be able to practice speaking skill- speak about the the job they are interested in.

Civic Education Objective : Ss will be able to identify and describe their dream career.

10min -  warm-up :the teacher devides the class in groups of 4 and asks Ss to see    
              the pictures of some unusual professions and illicits Ss to speak
-         Have you ever thought of these professions?
-         What is unusual in them?
-         Would you like to work in any of these jobs
-         Which profession is more pleasant to work in?
-         Which profession you would prefere to work less?
10min-  the teacher gives the Ss chance to talk about profession they want to work
              in future. In turn Ss speak about the jops they are attracted by .
-         I want to be a vet, because I like pets…..
-         I want to be a detective , because……
-         I want to be a model , because I am…..
15min – reading – the teacher explanes the purpose of the text hands it out and
               asks Ss to read the text and be ready to answer the questions which are
               prepared beforehand .
10 min – each student has a chance to speak at least for 1 minute while answering   the  questions and expressing their own ideas about the text.


Thousands of boys and girls, when they were young, dreamed about having a life in the sky among the clouds. Unfortunately, not many of them upon becoming adults, stayed true to their dreams. I was not one of the majority(უმრავლესობა). I never thought that I would be a flight attendant, but destiny(იღბალი) had other plans.

When I was 19, I won a contest(კონკურსი) sponsored by Georgian airlines. The prize was a free education in university in Germany. There I learned to be a flight attendant(სტუარდი). I completed my studies with excellent marks and returned to Georgia to begin my work.

I have happy memories of this time flying with my new colleagues. It was great! I have many interesting and funny stories from this time in my life. I spoke with many famous people and saw beautiful cities both in Georgia and abroad.

Too quickly that time of my life has passed, and I now have a very busy career in public relations(ურთიერთობები). Recently the old passion(ლტოლვა) to fly returned, and I enrolled in flight school to train as a pilot. I think that people who once take the controls of an airplane, manoeuvre(გადაადგილება) it and feel its power, forever stay enchanted(მოჯადოვებული) with the sky.Moreover you may also know that it’s a very well payed job, so agree this is a good motivation too.

Answer the questions coming out from the text :

1.   What was the dream of lots of kids in their childhood ?
2.   Did the author want to be a pilot from the very beginning?
3.   What happened when he was nineteen ?
4.   Where did he go?
5.   What did he do?
6.   Is he pleased with his job?
7.   What are his future plans ?
8.   Which two things are important for him in his career ?
9.   Do you think he is enjoys his profession ?
10. Whould you like to have a chance like that?

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