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#32 Third Competition for Teacher Generated Materials / Jobs and Occupations / Grade 12 A

#32 Third Competition for Teacher Generated Materials / Jobs and Occupations / Grade 12 A

Lesson Topic: Jobs and Occupations

General Objective: Students will be able to complete resumes and participate in job interviews as interviewers and interviewees.

Language Objective: Students will be able to understand and use the vocabulary commonly used in resumes and practice using Past Simple in the resumes and job interviews.

Civic Objective: Students will be able to learn more about requirements and qualifications for different jobs and about resumes and job interviews.

Stages &Timing
Procedures and Teacher`s Language
Teacher`s notes/Aim of the Activity
5 min
  • At the beginning of the lesson teacher talks to students about their future occupations. She says that choosing the right job is one of the most important things in everyone`s life. She asks whether they have already made their choice or are still hesitating about what to take up. Students say that they are going to choose a job according to their personalities and interests. Teacher tells them that she will help them do it at the lesson.
  • Students are given handouts (Handout 1) consisting of two parts. Part 1 has a list of personality adjectives (shy, impatient, friendly, etc) and nouns expressing interests (travelling, languages, animals, etc).They take one minute to think about their own personalities and interests and underline the words that apply to them.
  •  In Part 2 of the same handouts they will find requirements for five jobs (a guide, a vet, an IT specialist, an architect and an engineer). They have to decide which of the jobs fits their personality and interests best and why. Then students share with their partners: e.g. I think I could make a good vet because I`m good at biology and I love animals.
The aim of this activity is to warm up the class by introducing the topic and getting them to speak. Besides, this activity develops critical thinking as it makes students think about their own strengths and weaknesses.
Individual work/Pair work
Handout 1
Stage 1
15 min
  • Students do a job inventory (Handout 2), which consists of thirty statements and figures either 1 or 2 in five additional graphs on the same line. If the statement applies to the student, they put a plus next to the corresponding figure, if it doesn`t, they put a minus. If they are not sure whether it applies to them or not, they have to cross out the figure. On finishing, students count their results by adding the figures in each graph (e.g. in graph 1: +1+2-1+2-1+2= + 5). Then students compare the results in all the five graphs to see which graph has got the biggest number. That will be their number.
  • Students get Handout 3 with five lists of jobs. Students find the list with the same number as theirs (e.g. if a student`s biggest number is 5, they go to list # 5). In that list they will find the jobs that are most suitable for them. Students look at the lists and compare their results with their own predictions.
The aim of this activity is to have students dig deeper and analyze their personality traits and their likes and dislikes. This activity helps develop their critical thinking skills and prepares them for the next activity.
Individual work
Handouts 2,3
Stage 2
(10 min)
  • Teacher first speaks to students about job seeking and applying for jobs. They discuss different issues connected with it, such as completing resumes and being interviewed for a job. Students are told that at the lesson they`ll learn how to do it.
  • Then teacher divides the class into two groups: part of the class will be ‘applicants’ for jobs and the other part will be ‘employers’ who conduct job interviews.
  • The ‘employers’ sit in five pairs at desks in front of the class and are asked to prepare five questions for the interview. In order to help them do it, teacher gives the ‘employers’ a list of questions (Handout 4), from which they are supposed to choose the ones that they find most appropriate for a job interview. They are also given some tips on how to conduct the interview (Handout 5)
  • At the same time, in pairs, the ‘applicants’ are asked to complete resumes for imaginary applicants. They are given handouts with information about ten different applicants. (Handout 6). Based on this information they have to fill in a resume for each ‘applicant’.(Handout 7)

The aim of this activity is to teach students how to complete resumes and what questions are usually asked at job interviews. It also gives students an idea of a job interview.
Pair work
Handouts 4,5,6,7
Stage 3
(10 min)
     ·         When both parties are ready, the role playing starts.
     ·         Above each desk of the ‘employers’ there is a notice with the name of the company and the job vacancy (Supplement 1)
     ·         Each   applicant can choose a vacancy according to their resume and apply for it playing the role of the imaginary applicant. They go up to the desk of their choice and are interviewed by the ‘employers’.
The aim of this activity is to teach students how to behave at the job interview and how to ask and answer questions.
Group work
Role playing

Handouts 4,5,6,7
Supplement 1.

Stage 4
(5 min)
     ·         After the job interviews have finished, the ‘employers’ discuss the applications in order to decide whether or not they will hire the ‘applicant’.
     ·         Then they announce their decision to the class and give their reasons for or against each candidate. E.g. We have decided to hire this applicant because he/she has a relevant education and working experience, besides he/she has advanced computer skills and knows four languages. Or:
We have taken a decision not to hire this candidate because his/her education is not relevant to the job he/she is applying for.
The aim of this activity is  to raise students` awareness of  advantages and disadvantages of each application  and the requirements for different jobs
Pair work.


Handout 1

Handout 2

Job Inventory

1.I have no difficulty meeting new people

2.I`m good at making things with my own hands


3.I`m fond of going to museums, theaters & exhibitions.


4.I like to look after plants and animals.


5.I`m clever at calculating and making drawings


6.I get on well with my peers and always help younger kids.

7.I have always wanted to keep a pet.


8.I usually make very few mistakes in written works.


9.My hand-made articles attract everybody`s attention.


10.I`m said to have some artistic abilities


11.I`m fond of reading books about animals.

12.I take an active part in school performances


13.I like to read about different machines and appliances


14.I`m keen on doing different puzzles and crosswords.


15.I can easily settle any conflict between my friends.

16.I`m clever at operating and using machinery


17.I`m good at drawing and painting


18.I often watch channels and programs about animals

19.I can express my thoughts clearly


20.I hardly ever quarrel with anybody.

21.I`m clever with my hands.


22.I have no difficulty remembering new foreign words


23.I`m always willing to help people, even strangers

24.I`m interested in art.


25.I can watch birds, insects and plants for hours.

26.I like to take different  mechanisms apart.


27.I can easily persuade people to do things in my way.

28.I like to go camping, hiking and other outings

29.i keep up with the latest achievements of high technology


30.I love music and I`m very good at it


Handout 4

Choose 5 questions that are in your   opinion most suitable for a job interview.

1.      Why did you leave your last job?
2.      Why are you still single?
3.      What did you dislike about your last job?
4.      Do you have many friends?
5.      What did you like about your last job?
6.      Why do you want to work for our company?
7.      How many children do you want to have?
8.      Who is your favorite singer?
9.      What are your plans for the future?
10.  What kind of car do you have?

Handout 5

Helpful tips for the interviewers.

Be friendly and polite!

At the beginning:
·        Don`t forget to greet the applicant!
·        Offer them a seat!
            At the end:
·        Tell them you`ll contact them!
·        Don`t forget to thank them!
·        Say good-bye to them!
            Don`t forget to smile!

Handout 6

1.       My name is Mamuka Manizhashvili. I`m from Tbilisi, Georgia. I was born on 2 May 1988. I have a Master`s Degree in Programming (6 years). From 2008 to 2015 I worked as a programmer for IBM.  Georgian is my native language, but I also know English and Russian well.I have advanced computer skills. My hobbies are music and history.
2.     My name is Arthur Harutyunyan.  I`m from Akhalkalaki, Georgia. I was born on 19 June 1986. I have a Bachelor`s Degree in Zoology (4 years). I worked as a zoology teacher from 2000 to 2014. I know Armenian, Georgian and Russian. I have elementary computer skills. I love the cinema and gardening.
3.       My name is Irina Ryabova . I`m from Sochi, Russia. I was born on 12 June 1969. I have a Bachelor`s Degree in Linguistics. From 1998 to 2015 I worked as a guide for “Tez Tour”. I know Russian, English, Spanish and Italian. My computer skills are intermediate. I`m interested in music and drawing.
4.       My name`s Nino Kozhoridze. I`m from Akhalkalaki, Georgia. I was born on 30 January 1971. I have a Master`s Degree in Linguistics. I worked as a translator for a Research Institute in Moscow from 1999 to 2012. I know Armenian, Russian, English, German and French. My hobbies include travelling, history and languages. I have advanced computer skills.
5.     My name`s Lily Lyubimova.  I`m from Krasnodar Russia. I was born on 1 November 1968. I have a Master`s Degree in Architecture. I worked as an architect with “ Sky” Ltd. from 1988 to 2014. I know Russian. I have elementary computer skills. I`m interested in music and art.
6.     My name`s  Armine Avoyan. I`m from Ninotsminda, Georgia. I was born on 9 May 1990.I have a Bachelor`s Degree in Civil Engineering .I worked as an intern in the Town Hall from 2013 to 2014. I know Armenian, Georgian, Russian, English and German. I have advanced computer skills. My interests include drawing and travelling.
7.     My name`s Natia Koridze. I`m from Akhaltsikhe, Georgia.I was born on 19 June 1986. I have a Master`s Degree in Architecture. From 2003 to 2015 I worked as an architect in the Town Hall. My computer skills are basic. I`m interested in arts, history and music. 
8.     My name is Elena Makarova. I`m from Moscow, Russia. I was born on 4th April 1975. I have a Master`s Degree (6 years) in Biology. From 2001 to 2015 I worked as a vet for ‘Pets’ Ltd. Russian is my native language, I also know English (intermediate). I have advanced computer skills. My interests include sports, travelling, animals.
9.     My name is Samvel Aboyan . I`m from Yerevan, Armenia. I was born on 19 December 1983. I have a Master`s Degree (6 years) in Computer Sciences. From 2000 to 2014 I worked as an IT specialist for “Eyesoft” Ltd. Armenian is my native language, I know Russian and English well. My computer skills are advanced. My interests include sports and music.
10.My name is Georgi Adamia. I live in Borjomi, Georgia. I was born on 29th April, 1961. I have a Master`s Degree in Engineering. I worked at the Lipetsk Metallurgical Works in Russia from 1983 to 2015.I have  elementary I`m interested in drawing, doing things with my own hands and reading.

Handout 7
First Name    _______________________________________________________
Last name    ________________________________________________________         
Address       _________________________________________________________
Telephone   _________________________________________________________ 
E-mail           _________________________________________________________
Nationality      _______________________________________________________  
Date of birth   ________________________________________________________ 
Education      _________________________________________________________           
Employment __________________________________________________________   
Languages    __________________________________________________________         
Computer Skills    ___________________________________________________________-
Interests             ______________________________________________________________

Supplementary materials

          Animalcare Ltd
Job Vacancy: Vet Microsoft Corp.

Job Vacancy: IT Specialist

Intourist Ltd

Job Vacancy: Guide

Lukoil Ltd

Job Vacancy: Engineer

Temp Construction Ltd

Job Vacancy: Architect

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