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#22 Third Competition for Teacher Generated Materials / Professions & Occupations / Grade 6

#22 Third Competition for Teacher Generated Materials / Professions & Occupations / Grade 6

Overall Objective:  Students will be able to learn new vocabulary connected with professions and occupations.

Language Objective: Students will be able to fill in the charts about professions/occupations.

Civic Objective: Students will be able to describe some professions.

Stages of Lesson
Warm Up
Teacher divides the students into groups and gives them sheets of paper where there are some words and asks them to circle profession words, then students dictate these profession words to the teacher who writes them on the board.
Then the teacher gives each group some pictures and profession words. Students match profession words with the given pictures.

5 minutes
Stage 1
The teacher gives students  some texts describing some professions and asks students to complete the last sentences with the profession words. The teacher puts up the new vocabulary written on paper on the board and explains them to the students.

10 minutes
Stage 2
The teacher gives charts about profession/occupation to each group to fill in using the information from the texts.
10 minutes
Stage 3
The teacher gives each group a profession word and asks them to prepare a presentation about the profession ( singer, farmer, gardener, policeman ). The students draw and write about the profession using the chart questions and new vocabulary.

15 minutes
Each group presents the prepared presentations.
5 minutes

Warm up

Find   profession /occupation  words  and  circle  them.

headset            farmer               animal                 book               singer     policeman 
  flower           shop             good             sell              doctor            scissors       nurse 
pocket             pear             pilot              fireman             pen      melon       teacher
  cut          take          hairdresser           cow           beach         t-shirt     exciting 
lifeguard          sometimes            town        river       bridge     garden   gardener

Stage 1:     Complete the last sentences of each text.

   1. My name is Sandro. My job is very exciting. I work at airport. I can see hills and fields  from the sky. I wear a helmet, sunglasses and a headset. I use earphones to listen to people on the ground and I use a microphone to speak to them. I can fly planes and helicopters. I am a     . . .       .

   2. My name is Maria. My job is very interesting. I help students learn English. I teach students. I work at school. I always need books, pens, a blackboard and I sometimes use the internet, too. I don’t wear  uniform. I am a     . . .      .

  3.  My name is Natia. I work in a salon. I cut hair, sometimes I make hair styles. I use combs  and scissors.  I  wear a white shirt and a black skirt or trousers. I am a     . . .      .

  4.  My name is Goga. I look after people’s health and I use medicine for it. My job is very difficult. I wear a white uniform. I work at hospital. I am a    . . .      .

   5. My name is Marina.  My job is interesting but sometimes it is difficult, too. I help doctors  to look after patients. I have got  a watch. It is upsite-down. I need it to look at the time easily and quickly. I wear a blue uniform. I carry scissors and a pen in my pocket. They are very useful for my job. I work at hospital, too. I am a      . . .     .

   6. My name is Zaza. My job is very hard.  I can swim. I help people when they have problems in the sea. I use binoculars to watch in the sea. I wear a cap, shorts and a T-shirt. I work on the beach. I am a    . . .        .

   7. My name is Beso. I can climb the ladder. My job is very difficult. I help people when there is a fire. I use water, a fire pipe  and a ladder. I  wear a helmet, gloves, a jacket and thick boots. I work at a fire station. I am a  . . .     .

New  Vocabulary

comb –  სავარცხელი                                                        salon – სალონი
look after –   მოვლა, ზრუნვა                                          patient – პაციენტი, ავადმყოფი
medicine –   წამალი                                                          fire station – სახანძრო
on stage –  სცენაზე                                                           binoculars – ბინოკლი
pistol – პისტოლეტი                                                        style – სტილი, ფორმა
laws – კანონები                                                                airport – აეროპორტი
shackles – ბორკილები
police office – პოლიციის ოფისი
fire pipe – სახანძრო მილი

Stage 2:

1. Fill in


What do they do?

Where do they  work?

What do they wear?

What do they use?


They  fly planes and helicopters
They work at airport
They wear a helmet, sunglasses and a headset
They use planes, helicopters, earphones, microphones…







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