Monday, February 8, 2016

#21 Third Competition for Teacher Generated Materials / Elections in Georgia / Grade 11

#21 Third Competition for Teacher Generated Materials / Elections in Georgia  / Grade 11

OVER. OBJEC.- SWBAT  participate in the process of voting.

Lang. Objec. – SWBAT  use vocabulary connected to voting.

CIVIC OBJ. –SWBAT  prepare reasons for their opinion for  their proposal.

T. shows some pictures about voting and Ss will match each picture with an  appropriate word.        
2  min.
 Activity 1
T. tells about elections in Georgia ,( What is an elections? Or  What is a voting?) and suggests to play a presidential election   in a class . One pair from each row(3 row and  3 pairs – one S. as a speaker , the  second  as a candidate) will present  The  United National Movement, The  Georgian  Dream and The Labor Party. Others will be as voters.
    3 min. 
Activity 2
The pairs from each campaign come to the board. The speakers from each campaign present  theis candidate. And each candidate present his presidential program.
    1 5 min.
Activity 3
After speech  of candidates  other students or “ voters”  should receive voting ballots. But before  their choice they should explain  their opinion with the questions:
 “Who are you going to vote for?”
 “ Why are you going to vote  for this candidate?”
   And make a  short dialogue . Then they will do their voting.
     20 min.
Activity 4
The central election committee should open the ballot box , count the votes and present the winner or president of country.
   3 min.
Activity 5
The winner should say his/her  gratitude.
 2 min

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