Monday, February 8, 2016

#10 Third Competition for Teacher Generated Materials / Historic Places / Grade 9

Third Competition for Teacher Generated Materials / Historic Places / Grade 9

General Objective
SWBAT name the most  interesting historic places, they will be able to discuss advantages and disadvantages of visiting these places
Language Objective
Use adjectives, their comparative and superlative forms;  Ss will be able to use the phrase  ‘to be going to’  to talk about their future plans
Civic  Objective
Students will participate in a class voting
Stage of  lesson
Teacher  announces  the students  about the class trip. The students have to  decide where to go. T.  shows  three  photos   of  historic places.
5 minutes
Teacher divides the students  into 3  groups,then T. asks  a  question using  the phrase  ‘going to’.
T. “Why  are you going to  vote for…?”
S. ”I’m going to vote  for   …., because ….”
10 minutes

Every  group  should  write about advantages and disadvantages of the choosen  place discussing with partners.
10 minutes

Ss  vote for  the place they like the most  to visit, they  put  their ballots  into the ballot  box.
5 minutes
Activity 4

The  group whose place  got the biggest  number of votes , gets  an award  certificate.
5 minutes

Ss  should  write a report  making suggestions and reccomandations :
The purpose of  this report is to reccomennd this tourist   destination….
This place is known as the most  interesting historic  place……
I would  recommend  it  because the trip would be educational ……..
In conclusion,  I believe that  this trip ……
10 minutes

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