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#18 Second Competition for Teacher Generated Materials / National and Historic Heroes / Grade 5-6

#18 Second Competition for Teacher Generated Materials / National and Historic Heroes / Grade 5-6

Overall Objective: Students will be able to speak, read, write and share about historic hero in order to get more information.

Language objective: Students will be able to use question words: who?; what?; when?; where?; why?; how?, new phrases: B.C; to be prod of and new words wich are unknown for students 

Civic Education Objective: Cleopatra-The Queen of Egypt. Students will be able to use chart KWL

Warm Up: Teacher shows students PpP  about pyramids and comedy movie “Asterix and Cleopatra” and asks questions. –what can you see on the slide?- where is Pyramids?  -who is this funny man and this beautiful queen? teacher uses’ WH’  questions and students have to answer. 7min.

Activity 1: Teacher gives students chart KWL to fill in the K and W columns,  then students have to share each other.8min(handout 1)

Activity 2: Teacher gives students text about Cleopatra,  students read  and underline unknown phrases and words . students practice useing new words and phrases.(handout 2) 10min.

Activity 3: Students order aseries of WH questions in accordance to the text. (handout 3) 5min.

Activity 4: Teacher shows students really  and artistic portret of queen Cleopatra and students have to speak about her appearance .students compare faces of Cleopatra and make a value ,that  in really Cleopatra was pretty or was not pretty.(handout 5) 5min.

Assessment: Students fill in the L column, what they have known. 8min.

     Handout 1


 Handout 2

        CLEOPATRA   Vll  Philopator

Cleopatra the Queen of Egypt was one of the famous woman in history.She lived(69BC-30BC).her name was Cleopatra  VII        philopator.She was the last of the Pharaos set up in Egypt by Alexander the Great. By the way, she was a Macedonian princess. Before her death Egypt was Independent kingdom, ’’Basket of Bread’’, but after queen’s death, rich Egypt became the roman province.
Cleopatra was the first politician woman, mathematician, polyglot. Although Cleopatra was Macedonian and her family spoke grees but the polyglot queen knew Egyptian language well and spoke on it. Cleopatra  helped womens to bear baby,she first  wrote a book about cosmetic. People of Egypt were prod of her.they respected Cleopatra like Godness. There is Cleopatras statue like godness in Museum of Russia.
After King’s (Kleopatra’s father)death, kleopatra’s brother and sister had a fight against her, but clevar and smart girl could get a Throne, the great Roman general Julius Cesar helped her.
Cleopatra had four children, her first son with Cesar, and others with her husband Roman commander Mark Antony. It was the way to keep independent of Egypt.
Cleopatra killed herself. .she chose a death without was a snake in the basket full of figs. she belived  that poison of snake kills without pain.
Cleopatra didn’t want to be captive of Roman.

  Handout 3

                            Why did Cleopatra kill herself?

                               When did Cleopatra live?

                                  Who was Cleopatra?

                            What is a reason of her death?

                          How did Cleopatra become queen?

                             How many sons did she have?

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