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#17 Second Competition for Teacher Generated Materials / Heroes / Grade 9-10

#17 Second Competition for Teacher Generated Materials / Heroes / Grade 9-10

Overall Objective: Students will be able to analyze the text and use the new vocabulary  write a paragraph  about Rosa Parks ,take one example of real hero

Language Objective: Students will use specific vocabulary to match the sentences (give in ,separate ,civil rights movement  ,arrest ,minister ,give up,fine ,fare ,polling station ,vote ) .Students will write a paragraph based on text and take one heroic example.

Civic Education Objective: Students will analyze the concept of hero and connect the heroism  with real life

Curriculum Connection: English language curriculum  S  VI ,VI ,IX

Class Context and Needs: Secondary students ,Intermediate B 1 level ,there are not disabled students or students with special needs .

Materials: books ,workbooks ,blackboard ,hand –outs ,computer ,projector

Activities: warm up ,pre –reading  activity ,reading ,after reading activity   ,listening ,  writing

Assessment: write a paragraph ,/ assessment rubric

Overall Objective:

Language Objective:

Civic Objective:

Stage of Lesson
Warm Up

Teacher shows several pictures and   dates of significant events to students  and asks to explain
Activity 1

Teacher writes the headline ,,It all started on the bus ‘’on the board and asks students to write events  on the mini  white board  or suggestions which is connected with the title
Activity 2

Teacher tells the class to read the seven question carefully  on page 16 and read the text to find the answers
Activity 3

Teacher asks the students to  listen  the text to check the answer .when  students finish  they share with their partner
Activity 4

Teacher gives the students hand –outs ,they should match the words with their definitions ,when they finish they correct his /her  partner ‘s paper .
Activity 5

Teacher shows to the projector the correct answers  and the students read out the sentences .
Activity 6

Teacher gives instructions students and writes on the board ,students should write a paragraph about Rosa parks and  take a heroic example .when they finish they give the papaers to the teacher .


,,It All started on a bus ”..

Can you imagine what started on the bus?

Write your ideas on your white mini-board .
When you finish show each other and me .

Answers :

1.To go home
2.Trains and buses
3.To the window seat in the same row
4.Because she was tired of giving in
5.he called the police
6.The US Supreme COUrt decided it was illegal to separate whites and blacks on buses
7.The civil rights movment

Answers :

1 separate
6.minister .
7.civil rights
8.department store in

You have to use new vocabulary to write a paragraph about ROSA PARKS
You can use present simple and past simple  .

Think what did Rosa’s action help to start ?

When you write your own example you do not  have to  use new vocabulary ,you should express your  opinion about heroic person ,why is this person a hero ?
Take one heroic example of real life

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