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#10 Second Competition for Teacher Generated Materials / Heroes / Grade 9

  #10 Second Competition for Teacher Generated Materials / Heroes / Grade 9

General objectives: Students wil be able to speak about some American and Georgian national and historic heroes.Answer the questins about heroes and their life.

Language objective: Students will use a different tenses,as well as vovabulary and phrases and speak to prove why this heroic person is considered to be hero.

Civic objective: Students will learn about the concept of hero, they will learn about some American and Georgian heroes.


Step 1:
Skills/work type

Teacher writes two names of Georgian and American heroes on the board.Then writes two questions about these heroes.She asks students to speak in pairs in English and other students answer   questions,then the students reverse their roles and answer questions about each heroes.( All students are involved and speak at the same time)

Teacher writes the word ,,hero’’ on the whiteboard,puts 3 categories of hero and explains students that hero has three characteristics,then teacher asks students to brainstorm and speak about other characteristics which students should have,then teacher name a person ( Rosa Parks) and show them biography in their books and says what this person did and what represents a heroic characteristic. .

Step 2
Teacher asks students what they think is the difference between a hero and some ordinary or famous people.

Step 1:
Teacher gives out four different samples of text to each pair,three pair has the same text.teacher asks students to find 3 accomplisjments that the person did which show he/she was hero and put them with the three categories..Teacher observs students while they working and control the time.

Step 1:
One person in each pair report out one heroic characteristic about given text, then the second and third pair which had the same text,then teacher asks another three pairs to report out the heroic characteristic about given hero,third and  fourth pair report out this way the other heroic characteristic from their text and put them with the three categories of hero.

Step 2:
Teacher asks students to listen and take notes and says whether they agree or disagree with that pair’s reasons.,, Do you agree?’’ if yes sts  raise hand,,,Do you disagree?’’if yes they raise hand.


Teacher asks students to write a paragraph about hero at home.

1.Heroism is not to give up when there are hardship.

2.Heroism means having a moral quality.

3.Heroism is facing serious personal risk

David |V of Georgia

David |V, also known as David the Builder (1073-24  January), of the Bagrationy dynasty,was a king of Georgia from 1089 until his death in 1125.
Populary considered to be the greatest and most successful Georgian ruler in history, he succeeded in driving the Seljuk Turks out of the country,winning the major Battle of Didgori in 1121,His reforms of the army and administration enabled him to reunite the country and bring most of the lands of the Caucasus under Georgia’s control. A friend of the church and noble promoter of  Christian culture, he was canonized by the Georgian Orthodox Church.
In 1101. King David captured the fortress of Zedazeni, a strategic point  in his struggle for Kakheti and Hereti,and within the next three years he liberated most of eastern Georgia.
In 1093, he arrested the powerful feudal lord Liparit Baghvashi, a long-time enemy of Georgia crown,and expelled him from Georgia(1094). After the death of Liparit’s son Rati,David abolished their duchy of Kldekari in 1103.
He slowly pushed the Seljuk Turks out of the country,recovering more and more land  from them as they were now forced to  focus not only on the Georgians but the newly begun Crusade in the eastern Mediterranean. By 1099 his power was  considerable enough that he was able to refuse paying tribute  to the Turks.
In 1120 David  moved to western Georgia and,when the Turks began pillaging Georgians lands,he suddenly attacked them.King David then entered  the neighbouring Shirvan and took the town of Qabala.In the winter of 1120-1121 the Georgia troops successfully attacked the Seljuk settlements on the eastern approaches to the Transcaucasus.
12 August  in 1121,King David routed the enemy army on the field of Didgori, achieving what is often considered the greatest military success in Georgian history.
In 1123 ,David’s army  liberated  Dmanisi,the last Seljuk stronghold in southern Georgia. In 1123 ,David finally  conquered Shirvan and took the Armenian city from the Muslim Emirs.
David the Builder  died on 24 January 1125, and buried in Gelati Monastry.

Consider-მიჩნევა                                     enable-უფლების მიცემა                  
Driving-სვლა                                            reunite-ხელახლა შეერთება            
Major-მთავარი                                         capture-მიტაცება                           
Battle-ბრძოლა                                          foretress-ციხე-სიმაგრე                  
Expelled-გარიცხვა                                    settlement-დსახლება
Abolish-გაუქმება                                      approach-მიახლლოვება
Duchy-ჰერცონგი                                      rout-განადგურება
Recovering-უკეთ ხდება                          achieving-მიღწევა
Focus-მოხვედრა                                       liberate-გათავისუფლება
Newly-ახლახანს                                       stronghold-სიმაგრე
Considerable-მნიშვნელოვანი                 conquered-დაპყრობა
Refuse-უარის თქმა                                   crown-გვირგვინი
Tribute-ხარკი                                             point-ადგილი

Troops-ლაშქრობა                                      struggle-ბრძოლა

Geore Washington

George Washington ( February 22,1732,February 11,1731December 14-1899) was the first President of the United States (1789-97), the Comanderin chief of the Continental Army during the Ameriacn Revolutiion War,and one of the Founding Father of the United States. He presided over the Constitution and during his lifetime was called the ,,father of his country.’’
Widely admired for his strong leadership qualities,Washington was unanimously elected President in the first two national elections. Washington established many precedents,still in use today,such as the cabinet system,the inaugural address,and the title Mr. President.
Born into the provincial gentry of Colonial Virginia,his  family were wealthy planters who owned tobacco plantation.
Washington forced the British out of Boston in 1776,but was defeated and nearly  captured later that year when he lost New  York City.He defeated the British in two  battles,he retook New Jersey. This in known as the  Battle of Trenton.
Washington  supported  Alexander Hamilton’s programs to satisfy  all debts,federal and state,established  a permanent seat of governmet,implemented  an effective tax system,and created a national  bank.
On January  6, 1759, Washington married the wealthy  widow Martha  Dandridge Custis,then 28 years old. Washington’s marriage  to Martha greatly increased his property holding and social standing,and made  him one  of Virginia’s wealthiest men. He died  February  14, 1799 ( aged 67).

Founding-ნაპოვნი                                       nearly-თითქმის
Preside-თავჯდომარე                                 debt-ვალი
Widely-ფართოდ                                         permanent-მუდმივი
Admire-მოხიბვლა                                       satisfy-დაკმაყოფილება
Leadership-ხელძღვანელობა                      implement-განხორციელება 
Qualities-თვისებები                                    increase-გაზრდა
Elect-არჩევა                                                  property-საკუთრება
Election-არჩევნები                                       standing-მდგომარეობა
Inaugural-საინაუგურაციო სიტყვა

Kakhutsa Cholokashvili

Kakutsa Cholokashvili(July 14,1888-Jjune 27, 1930) was a Georgian military officer and commander of an anti-Soviet movement in Georgia.He is regarded as a national hero in Georgia.
Born in a noble family,Cholokashvili was a decorated officer of the Imperial Russian Army during World War1. After the Russian Revolution of 1917,he served in the ranks of the Democratic Republic of Georgia. Cholokashvili,with a band of followers,took to the mountains and fought  a guerrilla campaign against the Soviet government in province of Kakheti.
In 1909 he was drafted into the Russian military. He served in the 16-th Tver Dragoon Regiment and returned to Georgia  with the rank of podporuchik in 1912.
With the outbreak of World War1 in 1914,Cholokashvili was recalled to active duty and assigned to lead a cavalry squadron on the Austro-Hungarian front. Wounded later that year,he was transferred to the Caucasus Front. He was severely wounded and awarded  the Gold Sword for Braverly in 1916.After treatment  at the St. Nino Hospital in Tiflis,he was enlisted in the nascent Georgian Cavalry Legion .
After Russian Revolution of 1917, Cholokashvili returned to Georgia and became involved in Georgian independence movement. He joined the National Party of Georgia and helped organize national cavalry units early in 1918.
As the Soviets pushed for the efforts to consolidate their power in Georgia,an underground opposition movement emerged. In February 1922,Cholokashvili was arrested by the Soviet security agents on charges of ,,counter-revolutionary activities’’ in Sighnaghi in his native Kakheti,but escaped and took to the mountains Pankisi Vally, where he formed a group of followers known as the Band of Sworn Men and joined the rebellious Khevsur mounataineers.
In August 1924, Cholokashvili left his mountains once again  to join a larger anti-Soviet uprising in Georgia.
He died 27,1930(aged 41).

Regard-ზრუნვა                campaign-კამპანია        squadron-დივიზიონი        
Noble-აზნაური                draft-ნახაზი                   transferred-გადატანილი        
Decorate-შემკობა             outbreak-აფეთქება        enlist-ჩაწერა            emerged-გამოჩენილი
Rank-წოდება                    recall-უკან გაწვევა        push-ხელის კვრა
Guerrilla-პარტ.რაზმი      cavalry-მხედარი            effort-ძალისხმევა

Tamar of Georgia

Tamar the Great (1160-18 January)reigned Georgia from 1184 to 1213. She was a member of the Bagrationi dynasty,her position as the first wiman to rule Georgia in her own right was emphasized by the title mep’e (king).Tamar was successful in neutralizing this opposition and embarkes on an energetic foreign policy aided by the decline of the hostil Seljuq Turk.Tamar was able to build on the successes of her predecessors to consolidate an empire which dominated Caucasus until its collapse under the Mongol attacks within two decades after Tamar’s death.
Tamar was married twice to the Rus prince Yuri,whom she divorced.Her second hasbend was David Soslan,by whom she had two children,George and Rusudan.
Tamar’s associations with the period of political and military successes and cultural achivements,combined with her role as a female ruler,has led to her  idealization and romanticization in Georgian arts and historical memory.
Tamar remains an important symbol  in Georgian popular culture and has been canonized by the Georgian Orthodox Church as the Holy Righteous King Tamar.
For six years, Tamar was a co-ruler with her father upon whose death,in 1184,Tamar continued as the sole monarch and was crowned a second time at the Gelati cathedral near Kutaisi,western Georgia.She inherited a relatively strong kingdom.
The traditional scholary opinions is that Tamar died in 1213.There are many legends about her burial.One of them has that Tamar was buried in a secret niche at the Gelati monastery.

Right-უფლება                                                       decade-ათი წელი
Emphasized-ხაზის გასმა                                      within-შიგნით
Title-სათაური                                                       idealization-იდეალიზაცია
Neutralizing-ნეიტრალიზაციას ახდენს             righteous-სამართლიანი
Embark-დატვირთვა                                             sole-ერთადერთი
Aid-დახმარება                                                       inherite-მემკვიდრეობით მიღება
Hostil-მტერი                                                           relatively-შესაბამისად
Predecessors-წინამორბედი                                   burial-დაკრძალვა
Consolidate-გამაგრება                                            nich-ნიში
Collapse-დაცემა                                                      achivements-მიღწევები

    1. Who was Neil Armsttrong?
Neil Armstrong was an American astronaut and the first person to walk on the moon.He was also  an aerospace engineer, naval aviator,test pilot,and university professor. 

2. How many siblings did  Neil Armstrong have and who were they?
He had two two younger siblings, June and Dean.

1. Who was George Washington?
George Washington was the first President of the united States ( 1789-97).

2. Where did  George Washington  born?
George Washington was born into the provincial gentry of colonial Virginia,his family were wealthy planters who owned tovacco plantations.

1. Who was Kakutsa Cholokashvili?
     Kakutsa Cholokashvili  was Georgian military officer and a commander    of an anti-Soviet movement in Georgia.

     2. Where did Kakutsa Cholokashvili born?
     Kakutsa Cholokashvili was born into the prominent aristocratic family      of Prince Ioseb Cholokashvili at the family  estate  at Matani in the          eastern Georgian province of Kakheti.

     1. Who was David the Builder?
     David the builder was from bagrationi dynasty,he was a king of Georgia.

     2. Who were his parents?
     His father was George 2 of Georgia and mother Elene.

      Evaluate this material

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