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#1 Second Competition for Teacher Generated Materials / Cultural Symbol / Grade 4

#1 Second Competition for Teacher Generated Materials / Cultural Symbol / Grade 4

Overall Objective: Ss will learn vocabulary to describe national symbols of
Different countries

Language Objectives: Ss will learn vocabulary of symbols of USA,
The UK and Georgia and use them

Civic Education Objective:  Ss will describe a national site as a
Cultural  symbol.

Curriculum Connection:  დ. II.3,   დ.II.4,   დ.II.6,  დ.II.12,  დ. II.13,  დ.II.15, დ.II.16.       

Class Context and Needs:  Elementary level learners

Materials: Handouts, pens, pencils, blackboard, chalk, projector,       
colored sheets of paper, glue, small cards of national symbols.

 Activities: warm up  (singing Georgian anthem),
                  Ask  and answer activities,
                  True or False activity,
                  Matching  activity,
                  Silent  reading activity,
                  Presentation- (making hats) 

Overall Objective: Ss will learn vocabulary to describe national symbols of different countries.
Language Objective: Ss will be able to describe national symbols of USA, The UK and Georgia.
Civic Objective: Ss will be able to describe a national site as a cultural symbol.
Stage of Lesson
Warm Up

Ss sing the anthem of Georgia. 
Activity 1

T asks Ss  which national symbols they know. Then T   shows flags of different countries and Ss name them.
Activity 2

T shows the USA flag and let Ss listen to the USA anthem, Ss explain the meaning of each symbol and colors on the flag.
Activity 3

T shows pictures of other symbols of America, which are on the wall, T points to them one by one and Ss name them and tell some more information about them.
Activity 4

T gives handout 1, Ss do matching task individually, then T checks answers on the blackboard.
Activity 5

T shows the map of the British Isles and then a slide show about the Great Britain and Northern Ireland and about the origin of the UK flag. Ss  listen to the UK anthem at the same time.
Activity 6

T gives handout 2 - charts. Ss fill them individually then check them with their partner and then T checks them.
Activity 7

T shows a slideshow about London sights, T gives handout -3 and Ss do True or False task.  T  checks  them on the blackboard.
Activity 8

Ss speak about Georgian national symbols and   the legend about Tbilisi, T gives handout 4   and   Ss look through them. Then Ss answer the question (handout 4) according to the text , then T checks answers.
Activity 9

T  devides the class into three groups (I- the USA group, II – the UK and  III -Georgia group). In each group Ss prepare presentation (they stick given small symbol cards of appropriate country to the hats, which they had made before).


         1.  Read the statements.Write true or false.

1)You  can travel through London on the river Thames. ---
2)Inside the tower there is a clock. -----
3)River boats go under the London  Eye. -------
4)Tower Bridge opens and ships pass through.-------
5)Admiral Nelson’s column is in front of the Backingham palace.-------
6)The statue of Queen Victoria is in the middle of Trafalgar Square.--------

                          How Tbillisi got its name

Tbillisi is the capital of Georgia. There is legend about it. The place where Tbillisi is now, was covered with thick woods. Once, when he king was hunting he wounded the pheasant. It fell into a hot spring. By the time king came to pick the pheasant up, the bird was boiled.
 “Tbili” is the Georgian word for “warm”. The king built a town in this place and called Tbillisi.

legend - ლეგენდა                                                  wounded – დაჭრა
was covered – იყო დაფარული                          pheasant – ხოხობი
was hunting – ნადირობდა                                    was boiled იყო მოხარშული      

                          Mother of Georgia

It is the emblem of Georgia. It is a figure of a woman, she is wearing the Georgian national dress. She is holding a bowl of wine in her left hand and a sword in her right hand. The bowl of wine means that Goergians welcome friends with wine. The sword means that Georgians meet their enemies with a sword.

sword - ხმალი                                                  means - ნიშნავს
bowl - თასი                                                       enemies - მტრები    

QUESTION (How Tbilisi got its name)
         1)   What is the capital of Georgia?
         2)   What was there on the place,where Tbilisi is now?
               3)   What happened while hunting
               4)   How the city got its name

QUESTION (Kartlis Deda) Mother of Georgia
          1)   What is “Mother of Georgia”?
          2)   What is she wearing?
          3)   What is she holding?
          4)   What does the sword mean?
          5)   What does  the bowl mean?

Put the words and phrases in the right column:
Thistle, St. Andrew, Scotland, red griffon, Wales, St. George, red cross on white field, Northern Ireland, rose, white X-shaped cross on blue field, England, St.David, shamrock, daffodil, red X-shaped cross on white field, St. Patrick.
The  United  Kingdom  of  Great   Britain  and  Northern  Ireland



Saint Patron

Floral  Symbol

White X-shaped cross on blue field
St. Andrew

Red griffon

Northern Ireland



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