Thursday, March 26, 2015

#37: Competition for Teacher Generated Materials: Elections / Grade 3

Class Context and Needs: Elementary students, grade III.
Materials:  Ballot Box, Ballots.
Activities:  warm-up reflection, sharing ideas, discussion, writing, presentation.
Assessment: Visual representations
Overall Objective: Students will develop awareness of voting and conduct a class vote.
Language Objective: Students will learn and use basic vocabulary about sport club voting.
Civic Objective: Students will participate in a class vote.
Stage of Lesson
Warm Up

Students stand in a circle and ask each other what is his/her favorite sport.

Activity 1

Teacher sticks the candidate sport clubs on the board and hands out the ballots and asks students to complete their ballots and choose their favorite sport club. Then wait in line to put their ballots in the ballot box.

Activity 2

Teacher appoints a ballot counter from each group. They should count ballots and announce the results and write them on the board under each club. Teacher asks students to tell which club is the winner.

Activity 3

Teacher gives a text listening about sport activities to students and hands out cut sentences and asks students to put the sentences into correct order to make a whole text. Students listen a text again and announce which group is the winner.



Visual representations