Thursday, March 26, 2015

#36: Competition for Teacher Generated Materials: Heroes / Grade 3

Class Context and Needs: Elementary students. Grade III.
Materials: Photos, text, handouts.
Activities: Warm up, eliciting adjectives, hand out, discussion, making sentences.
Assessment: Sts’ discussion.

Overall Objective: Sts. will be able to read the text about Georgian Historic Hero, where we use verbs in Present Simple and they arrange words and verbs to make sentences and teacher gives them new adjectives to describe the hero.
Language Objective: Sts. will read the text and underline the verbs used in Present Simple. They will learn adjectives: brave, tall, strong, powerful, clever, handsome.
Civic Objective: Sts. will get the information about Georgian Historical Hero - Vakhtang Gorgasali.
Stage of Lesson
Warm Up

Teacher asks students to identify a Georgian Historic Hero.
Activity 1

Teacher gives adjectives to the students and they write down them which they think describes the hero.
Activity 2

Teacher gives a text listening about the Georgian Hero and asks to underline the verbs used in Present Simple and students announce underlined verbs.
Activity 3

Teacher hands out cut sentences into words and asks students to put the words into correct order to make a whole sentence. Teacher reads a correct sentence and announces which group is the winner.
Activity 4

Teacher hands out true/false sentences and students connect true sentences to the hero’s picture. Students announce the number of the true sentences.


Students’ discussion.

Handout 1.

Handout 2.

Handout 3.

Handout 4.

Handout 5.

Handout 6.