Thursday, March 26, 2015

#35: Competition for Teacher Generated Materials: National Symbols / Grade 2

Overall Objective:  Students will learn vocabulary to describe flags.
Language Objective:  Students will learn and will be able to use new vocabulary. Students will identify statements as True or False.  They will make comparisons between symbols and find similarities and differences between Georgian and American flags.
Civil Education Objective: Students will compare Georgian and American flags.
of the Lesson
Warm up
Teacher (T) hangs a Poster with pictures of Georgian and American flags (Handout A) on the wall and asks Students (Ss) to brainstorm the words for the pictures they see on the flags. T writes the words on the board in English and then calls out Ss to stick the photos of a flag, a star, a cross, stripes and colors (Handout B) next to their words. T practices Students` pronunciation.

5 minutes
Activity 1
T passes out Handout C (“crossword” with pictures of a flag, a star, a cross, stripes and colors) and asks Ss to write the words for the pictures with the help of the words from the board. Teacher monitors, corrects mistakes if they are and asks Ss to sound out the words individually coming closer to them.

10 minutes
Activity 2
T divides Ss into pairs and passes out Handout D, which contains simple sentences describing Georgian and American flags. T asks the pairs to identify and write whether sentences are True or False. Teacher monitors and helps with the sentences. After they finish, the pair having finished first correctly (who is the winner and gets stars), comes up to the front of the class and reads the sentences aloud and tells the correct answers. T writes the correct answers on the board and other Ss check their papers.

10 minutes
Activity 3
T draws a Venn Diagram on the Poster with pictures of Georgian and American flags (Handout A) and explains what it is for. Then T asks Ss say what are differences and similarities between Georgian and American flags. The Ss with the correct answer come up to the Poster and write the words in the correct place. T helps if needed.

7 minutes
Activity 4
T practice Ss spelling and pronunciation of the learnt vocabulary using the Alphabet (Handout E). Each student should have their own alphabets of individual letters on their desks. T says a word and  Ss should  raise  the  first  letter,  then  the second  one  and so  on till the  last letter.  The Ss who show the correct letters come up to the front of the class holding them and stand in a row. They pronounce first their letters individually, then the whole word together. E.g. f  l  a  g, flag.

 7 minutes
T Explains Homework: Copy the words from the filled crossword into vocabulary notebooks and practice them.
1 minute

Handout A

Handout B

Handout C

Write the words









Handout D

Circle True (marTali) or False (mcdari)

1.    Georgian flag is red and white.       True / False
2.    American flag has crosses.               True / False
3.    Georgian flag has13 stripes.             True / False
4.    Georgian flag has 5 stars.                  True / False
5.    American flag has white stars.         True / False

Handout E