Thursday, March 26, 2015

#34: Competition for Teacher Generated Materials: National Symbols / Grade 11

ELCE    Lesson   number:  example- 1,  National Symbols

General  objectives :  Students  will  be  able to  choose  two  National  Symbols  from  different    countries  and  write  a   comparison   essay  about  them.

Language  objective:  Students  will  be  able  to  use  adjectives  to describe  National  Symbols.

Civic  objective : Students  will  be able  to  write  a  comparison  / contrast  essay  in  class.

Curriculum   connections:

English  curriculum    Xl   objectives

Sequencing  :  Students  are  advanced   vocabulary   expressions  and  they  are  able  to  write   a  comparison  essay .

Stage  of  the  lesson:

Warm   up :  revise  the  degrees  of  adjective

For  example:   tall – taller  - the  tallest

                    modern-  more  modern  -  the  most  modern   (5 min.)

Activity  1-  Pair   work.

                     Make  physical  demonstration  about   some   photos  of     National            
                    Symbols  ,  use  adjectives  and  answer  the questions.  (9 min.)

Activity  2- Make  a  venn  diagram.   Students      will  speak  about similarities  
                    and    differences     between two  symbols.  (10 min.)  
Activity  3-  Students   will  write a comparison essay  about two symbols using

                   an introduction, a paragraph  with similarities and differences  a
                 conclusion .  ( 20 min.)

Closure-  Collect  papers.( 1 min.)

Answer   the  questions:

1)   Which national symbols are statues of women ?

2)   Which national symbol is older?  The Romen colisseum or the Taj Mahal ?

3)  Which  national symbol  is taller ?  The Eiffel Tower or the Statue  of  Liberty ?

4)  Which  national symbol is wider ?  The Roman  Colisseum or the Sydney Opera House ?

5)  Which  national  symbol  has  more  visitors ?  Kartlis Deda  or  the  Statue of Liberty?