Thursday, March 26, 2015

#3: Competition for Teacher Generated Materials: Professions / Grade 2

Overall Objective:  Students will be able to identify jobs in the community and match words with job duties.
Language Objective: Students will learn and will be able to use vocabulary for jobs and describe them.  
Civil Education Objective: Students will be able to describe different types of work.
of the Lesson
Warm up
Teacher (T) passes out pictures of jobs (Handout A) and asks Students (Ss) to share with a partner which job they prefer. Meanwhile T hangs Handout B (A poster with job titles) on the wall. Then T asks Ss to raise the pictures they have chosen and calls them out one after another to stick the pictures next to their definitions on Handout B. T practices Students` pronunciation.

7 minutes
Activity 1
T asks Ss to say what the duties of jobs given on the Poster are and helps them say their answers in English Then T divides Ss into groups and passes out Handout C (job duties written on separate pieces of papers). Each group has to match pictures of jobs from Handout A to their duties on Handout C. T shows the example. T monitors, helps with sentences and corrects mistakes if they are. After all groups finish, T reads the sentences from Handout C and asks Ss to name the job. The Ss with the correct answers come to front of the class bringing the pieces of papers with job duties and stick them next to their pictures on the Poster (Handout B).

12 minutes
Activity 2
It is time for singing. T makes the Ss watch and listen to the song “It`s my job” on Laptop. Then T introduces the Ss the text of the song using Handout D and they listen again and sing the song together.

8 minutes
Activity 3
T asks Ss to say where people with the learnt jobs work and helps them say their answers in English. Afterwards T distributes Handout E (“crossword” where there are given sentences and pictures explaining where people work) and asks Ss to write the job titles in the crosswords according to the sentences given there. T tells the Ss to look at the Poster (Handout B) if they need help and copy the job titles from there correctly. Teacher monitors, corrects mistakes if they are and asks Ss to sound out the words. T collects their papers when they finish.

12-15 minutes
Activity 4
T practices Ss spelling and pronunciation of the learnt vocabulary using the Alphabet (Handout F). Each student should have their own alphabets of individual letters on their desks. T says a word and  Ss should  raise  the  first  letter,  then  the second  one  and so  on till the  last letter.  The Ss who show the correct letters come up to the front of the class holding them and stand in a row. They pronounce first their letters individually, then the whole word together.

 3-6 minutes

Handout A

Handout B-1

Handout B-2

Handout B-3

Handout C

·Teaches students

· Drives cars, or buses

· Flies a plane

· Brings milk to people

· Helps people when

· there is a fire

· Serves and protects people

Handout C-1

Handout D

Handout E

Handout F

Sing a Song: