Thursday, March 26, 2015

#2: Competition for Teacher Generated Materials: Elections / Grade 2

Overall Objective: Ss will develop awareness of voting and conduct a class vote.
Language Objective: Ss will learn and use basic vocabulary about voting and revise the names of 
Civic Education Objective: Ss will participate in a class vote.

Stage of Lesson
Warm up
Teacher writes the questions on the board: “What`s your favorite fruit? Why?” and asks Ss to talk to a partner about the question.
Then T asks Ss to share their ideas with the class.
7 minutes
Activity 1
T calls out Ss to the board and asks to match fruits with their meanings on the Handout A (poster) hanging on the wall.
2 minutes
Activity 2
T explains Ss what the voting process is like using Handout B which contains the pictures showing voting process and their English meanings.

Then T practices Ss pronunciation of the new vocabulary about voting saying each word in unison.
5 minutes
Activity 3
T appoints two election officials (put separate pieces of papers with Ss names in a box and ask a volunteer S to take two pieces) who will sit with ballots (Handout C) and gives them instructions how to distribute ballots.
2 minute
Activity 4
T explains students how to vote: Ss should to come up to the election officials who will give them ballots, then wait in a line to enter the voting booth to complete their ballots and then put them in the ballot box (Handout D).
12 minutes
Activity 5 (Assessment)
T asks election officials to count votes aloud (Meanwhile T puts ticks next to the fruit for each vote on Handout A). Ss count the ticks and T announces the results.

5 minutes
Activity 6 (Assessment)
Ask Ss who has voted for the winning “candidate”. Stick “smiles” in their notebooks.
2 minutes
T distributes Ss notebooks where there are written words for voting and explains them homework: practice writing the new words.
1 minutes

Handout 1.


Handout 2.

Handout 3.


o        Apple
o        Banana
o        Grapes
o        Watermelon
o        Orange  

 Handout 4.