Thursday, March 26, 2015

#23: Competition for Teacher Generated Materials: Professions/ Grade 8

Class Context and Needs: Grade VIII

Materials: Poster,hands out,board.

Activities: Warm up, pre-reading, while-reading, post-reading.

Assessment: Oral presentation and written summary.

Overall Objective: Sts. will be able to read the text about one of the job.
Language Objective: Sts.will learn new voc. to describe them in writing and practice grammar tenses:Pr.Simple,Past Simple,Pr.Perfect.
Civic Objective: Sts. will get the information about the origin of “Snurfing”
Stage of Lesson
Warm Up

T. shows the poster to the Sts. and asks them to describe it.
Activity 1

T. gives the cut paragraphs to Sts. and asks them to put them in a right direction to make one whole text.
Activity 2

T. gives the text to Sts. and asks them to find and circle the new words. T. explains the meaning of the new words.
Activity 3

T. hands out a sheet of paper and asks Sts. to fill the gaps with new words.
Activity 4

T. asks Sts. to make a little paragraph using the new words and grammar tenses.
Handout 1.

Handout 2.