Thursday, March 26, 2015

#24: Competition for Teacher Generated Materials: National Symbol / Grade 8

Lesson plan

Lesson Topic: National Symbol

Overall Objective: Students will be able to write a comparison of National Symbols of Kartlis Deda and the Statue  of Liberty.

Language objective: To teach student to make physical demonstration show comparison to use target vocabulary to describe Kartlis Deda and Statue of Liberty. Tall, old, short.

Civic Education objectives:  To teach students to guess about evidence or answer the question of the check for correctness. They will be able to describe a major Georgia and American symbols.

Class context and needs:  Secondary grades
Materials:  Attached

Activites:  Warm  up, pre-reading , while-reading, post-reading questions, summary.

Assessment: Writing essay on comparison.


Stage on lesson
Warm-up /pre-reading
Students make physical demonstrate show comparison. For example, who is a tall student and who is the tallest. Then show pictures Kartlis Deda and Statue of Liberty and say which one is taller or older.

Activity 1/while-reading

When was it constructed?


Located in:


Physical  characteristics:

Other important facts:

Why was the structure built?
Teacher give them handout 1 the information about National Symbols Kartlis Deda and Statue of Liberty and handout 2  the questions and introduce structure. Students should read and answer the questions in pairs.

Handout 1:  Statue of Liberty                   Kartlis-Deda

Designer Bartholdi began prior to 1876. Am. People were responsible for the pedestal and the French people were responsible for the statue. Completed 1886.

Kartlis Deda was constructed  in 1958. Made on aluminum

Height: ground to torch 93 meters tall. Base:19 m square.
20 meters tall

Ellis Island near harbor of new York city
Lopcated on Sololaki hill near Narikala Fortress in Tbilisi.

Sculptor Federic Auguste Bartholdi structural issues: Alexandre Gustav Eiffel was commission to design the iron pylion and skeletal framework for the copper statue.                               
Statue of  Roman Libertas Godess  of freedom. Holds torch in one hand. Tablet of laws-inscribed, July 4.1776. broken chain at feet. Made of copper.
Georgian sculptor Elguja Amashukeli designed the statue ofa Georgian woman in Georgian national dress. 

Made of aluminum; holds a bowl of wine in her left hand to greet those who come as friends; sword in right hand for those who come as enemies.

3.2 million visitors in 2009. Statue was shipped in 350 pieces and reassembled on the pedestal in    4 months. She was a centennial gift 10 years late.

Built in combined efforts of French and American people to commemorate 100th anniversary of American independence

Statue was built to commemorate the 1500 year anniversary of  the city of Tbilisi. The statue is considered a symbol of the Georgian national character.

Handout 2

Questions About National Symbols:

What is the Statue of Liberty holding right hand?
What is the Statue of Liberty of Kartlis Deda in her left hand?
Which national symbol is the newest or was most recently built?
Which national symbol has the most visitors?
Which national symbol is older?
Which national symbol is taller? Kartlis Deda or Statue of Liberty? How tall is the Statue of Liberty and Kartlis Deda?
Which national symbols are statue of women?
What does the torch represent?
 Which national symbols commemorate anniversaries?
What does the Statue of Kartlis Deda represent?

Activity 2
Teacher checks questions all students.

Activity 3

Then students make Venn diagram in pairs.

Statue of Liberty                   Kartlis Deda

Differences       similarities     Differences

Activity 4
Check diagram on the board about national symbols depending of the facts.

Activity 5/feedback
Teacher asks questions what have they have learned that they didn’t know before.

Activity 6
To write essay on comparison.

Form for making comparison of national monuments /  
             National symbol and monuments are a nation’s icons.
______ is a symbol of _____ (name of country)_____ .
______ is a symbol of ______(name of country) _____.
I would like to compare and show the differences between these two symbols. (thesis)   

Topic sentence:
            Kartlis Deda or the Statue of Liberty have several similarities. They both have …


Topic sentence:
              Kartlis Deda and Statue of Liberty also have several differences. Kartlis Deda is _____ (number meters) _____ tall, the Statue of Liberty is_____ (number meters )_____ tall. So the Statue of Liberty is _____ than Kartlis Deda.
           Give other differences from the Venn diagram.


In conclusion, we believe that there are more similarities and more differences _____ (number) of similarities and _____ (number) of differences. But we believe that Kartlis Deda and the Statue of Liberty both represent the traditional value of each country.


(To check after classis)
Answer the essay question with a statement.
Written essay is good it corresponds to the task.
It corresponds to the task but in some places the it is difficult to understand the opinion clearly.
Written essay is on the lower level. The personal idea isn’t clear.
Written essay is weak.   
Topic sentence at each of the two or three paragraphs .
Has three topic sentence for each.
Has two paragraphs.
Has one paragraphs for the body.
Has one or two sentences for the body.
Grammar, spelling syntax
Four or five errors .
Six or seven errors.
Eight errors
Nine or ten errors.
Has a two sentence conclusion which repeats the theses statement and general reason.
Has a two sentence conclusion but doesn’t say much.
Has one sentence conclusion.
Has no concluding sentence.