Thursday, March 26, 2015

#1: Competition for Teacher Generated Materials: Professions/ Grade 8

Overall objective: To develop skimming and scanning skills
Language objective: To learn nouns
Civic education:  pre reading,while reading,post reading.

Warm up:
·       show them these pictures and ask them what they know about each of them?
·       Writi on the board : free ride,free style,alpin half pipe and ask them to match the pictures to these styles and talk about the differences
·       Ask them about the equipment these sportsmen wear

Activity one:
 Read this text carefully and give these given titles to each passage:
1.     Snowboarding  is  like  skiing  but  it  more  close  to  surfing  and  skateboarding. While  skiers  exercise  control  by  moving  their  weight  from  one  side  to  the  other, snowboarders  move  weight  from  heel  to  toe. When  their  weight  is  forward, their boards  speed  up; as they  move  back, their  boards  slow  down. When  snowboarders  press  their  heels  down  their  boards, they  stop. A  snowboard is  a  piece  of  wood  surrounded by fiberglass  to  make  it  hard  and  light. Steel  along  the  sides  helps  the  rider  turn  and  control  speed.
2.     Like  skiers, snowboarders  who  race  wear  hard-shell  boots  but  most  snowboarders prefer  soft  boots  to  perform  the  tricks.  Bindings  are  mechanism  that  hold  the  rider’s  boots  into  the  board  are  fixed  on  top  of  the  board. The  most  popular  type, belt  bindings, safe  the  boots  with  an  ankle  belt  and  a  toe  belt.  Step-in  bindings  are  used mainly  for  hard  boots.  A  new  design, called  flow-in  bindings,  combines  the  control  of  strap-in  systems.  Flow-in bindings  have  a  large  tongue  that  covers  most  of  the  top  of  the  boot,  the  rider’s  foot  enters  through  the  backside.  Bindings  may  be  positioned  differently  on  the  board  depending  on  a  snowboarder  rides  with  his  left  foot  in  front  of  the  right  or  with  the  right  foot.
3.     There  are  three  main  styles  of  snowboarding, and  it  has  different  type  of  board:
One  of  them  is  Free-riding  when  the  snowboarder  rides  down  and  perform  tricks  in  the  air.  The  free-ride  snowboard  or  all-mountain  snowboard,  is  the  most  popular. Freestyle  snowboarding  combines  tricks  such  as  flips, turning,  holding  the  board  in  the  air.  These  tricks  are  usually  performed  on  man-made  features  in  snowboard  terrain  parks.  The  freestyle  board  is  short, wide, flexible,  and  comfortable  for  the  beginners.  Similar  to  skiing,  Alpine-style  of  snowboarding means  downhill  speed  and  sharp  turns. The  Alpine  boards  look  like  large  skis and  are  narrower  than  other  boards
4.     One  of  the  most  popular  terrain  features  for  freestyle  riders  is  the  halfpipe.  It  looks  like  a  letter  U. Snowboarders  ride  down  one  side  of  the  halfpipe  and  up  the  other. The  snowboarding  halfpipe  was  born  in  1978, so  the  story  goes, when  a  group  of  high  school  students  in  California, began  piling  snow  around canyon  to  make  it  deep  enough  to  ride  their  snowboards  and  perform  skateboard  tricks. Tom  Sims  built  a  halfpipe  for  the  World  Snowboarding  Championships  in  California  in  1983. Early  snowboarding  halfpipes  were  constructed  by  hand,  but  in  1990  was  invented  a  cutting  machine  called  a  Pipe Dragon  which  made  it  possible  for  ski  resorts  to  clean  their  halfpipes  regularly.
5.     Like  skiing, snowboarding  is a  very  dangerous  sport. Snowboarders  risk  to  injuries  their  hands  because  their  feet  are  locked  into  the  bindings  on  the  board. Falls  are  common  among  beginners  that’s  why  snowboarding  has  its  own  protective  equipments. Helmets  and  wrist  guards  are  important  and  knee  pads  are  also  popular.  All  snowboarders, like  skiers, should  wear  waterproof  jackets  and  pants.    Any  style  of  snowboard  needs  a  safety  things.

A.     The  styles  of  snowboarding.
B.      special  snowboarding  track  for  freestyle.
C.     What  is  snowboarding.
D.     Snowboarding’s protective  things.
E.       The  construction  of  snowboard.                                          

Activity two:
 Find these nouns in this text, underline them and tell in which paragraph they are. There are two words in each paragraph.
Helmets, Steel, tongue, wood, flips, wrist, canyon, bindings, halfpipe, tricks.

Activity three:

Answer the questions.
1)     When was the snowboarding halfpipe born ?

2)     What are bindings?

3)     What should all snowboarders wear?

4)     What does freestyle snowboarding combine?

5)     When was a halfpipe built for the Championships in California?
a)     1978
b)     1983
c)      1990 
6)     Which style is the most popular?
a)     Freestyle
b)     Alpine
c)      Freeride
Activity four: (post reading)
 Write two words from each paragraph what you were reading about.
Write a short essay which it your favorite winter sport?