Thursday, March 26, 2015

#12: Competition for Teacher Generated Materials: Professions / Grade 5

Grade: 5
Curriculum Connection: They will connect new vocabulary and reading skills previous learnt materials.
Class Context and Needs: The class is motivated so they need more encouragement to express themselves better.
Materials: projector, handouts, word-map, pen, pencils and paper.
Activities: Worm Up , Pre, While and Post reading activities, group activity about professions.

Assessment: Students will be given commentaries

Overall Objective: Students will be able to learn different reading skills and vocabulary connected to the jobs.
Language Objective: Students will be able to do several activities of pre- reading, while reading and post reading stages.
Civic Objective: students will use vocabulary of different jobs and profession about themselves.
Stage of Lesson
Warm Up

Show a poster and ask the students to describe the picture
5- min
Activity 1

Give students handouts of the text. They look through it and answer the questions in Past Simple
5- min
Activity 2

Look through the text once more and ask them to choose the best title or give their own title.
2-3 min
Activity 3

Find  specific information through the text and draw Ammy
5- min
Activity 4

Read the text in detail and do true/ false and gap- filling
8-10 min
Activity 5

Show word map of different professions and occupations. (teaching  vocabulary)
5 -min
Activity 6

In circle they ask each – other what profession they want to choose for the future and why?
7-8 min
Students will be given commentaries
1-2 min

1.1 Describe the photo. What do you think the text is about?

1.2 Look through the text and find answers to these questions:
1. Which form was Ammy in? ____________________________________________________
2. What was a name of a new teacher? _____________________________________________
3. What subject did a new teacher teach? ___________________________________________
4. Who won the first prize? ______________________________________________________

1.3 Read the text quickly and check your ideas.
A.    A hard working student
B. Good change
C. English lesson

Reading Materials
Look through and give the title. (გადაიკითხეთ სწრაფად და დაასათაურეთ): ___________________

 Ammy was a nice girl, she had a beautiful face and big blue eyes. She had a fine brown hair, small nose and pink cheeks.
 She was in the fifth grade. Ammy was a student of a public school. Ammy was a naughty student. When the teacher was explaining the lesson, she never listened. She used to draw on the wall or doing something else.
 One day a new English teacher came into school.  Her name was Ann, she was very kind. She noticed Ammy at once and asked her to sit on the first desk. Ammy used to sit at the back desk. Teacher asked Ammy to do different things for her. Emmy soon got very interested in the subject and she became a personal assistant of the teacher.
 The days passed. Ammy was trying to do her best. Step by step she improved her behavior and soon she became a hard-working student.
 At the end of the year there was a competition who would be the best student at school. And can you imagine what happened? – Ammy won the first prize. So, children it’s never late to begin….

1.4. Put the bald words in proper place:
1. An action for the prize c _____________.
2. Our English became better i___________.
3. Our teacher e ______________ a new lesson.
4. A super car p______ when we were at the bus stop.
5. When I was reading my homework, I M__________ a mistake.

1.5 Make true or false activity according the text:
1.   Ammy won a gold medal. ____

2. Ammy was blond. ____

3. Miss. Ann was evil to Ammy . ____

4. Miss. Ann was a kind teacher. ____

5. Ammy did not improve her learning. ____

6. There was a competition in swimming at school. ____

7. Ammy became a personal assistant of the teacher. ____