Thursday, March 26, 2015

#11: Competition for Teacher Generated Materials: Professions / Grade 8

Curriculum Connection :     VI.3/ VI.10/ VI.14

Class Context and Needs:     Secondary students
Materials:                              Handouts, workbook, pens, board
Activities:                              warm up, reading (skimming, 
                                              scanning, while reading, extensive
                                              Reading) writing
Assessment:                          extensive reading activity

Overall Objective: Ss will learn how to use reading strategies ( for example: skimming, scanning)
Language Objective: Ss will  be able to use basic vocabulary to describe snowboarding as a sport and as a profession)
Civic Objective: Ss will be able to speak about modern snowboarding profession
Stage of Lesson
Warm Up:
Prediction, pre-reading
T divides Ss in groups by their   favourite professions, passes out Handout1 (snowboarding pictures) and  asks Ss to ask the questions given under the pictures.
Activity 1

T distributes Handout B and asks Ss to skim the text in 60 seconds time  and after that write all boldfaced words (Individual work)
Activity 2 reading

T asks Ss to read the Handout B carefully and underline the most basic information for them. (Ss work individually)
Activity 3 after- reading

T distributes handout C, Ss match the words with the right definitions
Activity 4 after-reading

T collects Handout B, distributes Handout D and asks Ss to brainstorm the text and put the jumbled sentences in order according to the text.
Assessment extensive reading

T passes out Handout B and Handout E together ,Ss are able to choose the best title for the Handout B

Handout A

Handout B

Snowboarding is only about 40 years old, but it is very popular winter sport. The most important and amazing part in any sport is competition. It is not surprising, that snowboarders compete with one another.

The first snowboarding event took place in Colorado in 1981. The next competition was in Vermont, called National Snowboarding Championship. It became very popular. The popular snowboarders: Jake Burdon and Tom Sims organized the snowboarding competitions. In 1985 Australia hosted the first world cup of snowboarding.

Now there are four kinds of snowboarding competitions;

1) Alpine racing-skiing downhill, making strong turns.

2) Slope style-skiing downhill with difficulties, for example with boxes.

3) Half pipe-skiing with tricks (for example jumping in the air).

4) Boarder cross (known as Border X) jump cross or tricks made of snow.

Snowboarding has become very popular, that’s why lots of competitive events are held all over the world. Snowboarding competitions are held in Argentina, Canada, France, Italy, New Zealand, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland and in the USA.

Like other sports, snowboarding has produced lots of stars, who are business people as well as talented athletes. One of the best known is 23 year-old Shaun White. He is known as the flying tomato, because he’s got long, red hair. He won eight gold medals in big air competition (known as X game) and one medal in the half pipe at the 2006 winter Olympics.

Snowboarding coach Jim Smith in his book, “The art of snowboarding” describes the sport in this way:-“When you do it and do it right, you are doing it like no one else, it’ s very individual- art and sport together. Be Yourself!”

Handout C

Match the words with their definitions:

Olympics, championship, athletecompetition, slope, snowboarding;

1) A creative activity which involves sliding on a downhill that is covered whit a snow while standing on a snowboard;

2) The act or process of trying to get or win something (such as a prize or a higher level of success);

3) An important competition that decides which team or player is the best in a sport or a game;

4) Go downhill from vertical to horizontal area;

5) A person who is trained or good at sport games or exercises that needs physical skill and strength;

6) The modern showing of ancient games which is held once every 4 year in a selected country.