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#27 Third Competition for Teacher Generated Materials / National Symbols / Grade 6

#27 Third Competition for Teacher Generated Materials / National Symbols / Grade 6

Overall Objective: students will be able to describe the American Bald Eagle as the national bird of the United States.

Language Objective: students will be able to learn about coat of arms of America, they will learns new words: coat of arms, arrow, represent, olive, peace, seal, quarter.

Civic Objective:  Students will be able to learn about the American Bald Eagle as the national bird of the United States and then describe it.
Stage of Lesson
Warm Up

Teacher shows the picture of American bald eagle to the students.

Students speak about this picture.

5 m.          
Activity 1

Students read the text for detail, they identify the information about national seal and underline the new words.
Teacher walks in the classroom and helps to the students, she writes new words on the blackboard.
Activity 2

Students work individually and fill in the chart about American bald eagle.
Activity 3

Student A has the text with some parts missing, student B has the same text but with other parts missing. Let them sit back to back and dictate each other the text, so that in 5 minutes both have a ‘full’ text. 

Activity 4

Students work in pairs and make exercise true or false.
Activity 5

Students work in pairs and put the sentences in order.
Activity 6

Students draw a new national seal.   They draw the symbols for   America in in their picture.  Then describe their new seal, the students use whatever language and vocabulary they feel appropriate.

American Bald Eagle

The American Bald Eagle is the national bird of the United States. Since 1782, it has represented the spirit and freedom of the American people. On today's journey, you will learn interesting facts about eagles and see pictures them flying, eating, and building nests.

National Bird of the United States
It was adopted as the National Bird  in
Place were they live
What animal is on the back of the American quarter
What is the American Bald Eagle on the Great Seal of the United States holding

The most interesting thing about the Bald Eagle is that it is the United States' National Emblem. In ……………………………..American colonies declared independence from England, they wanted an official Seal of the United States………………………, in 1782, the Continental Congress adopted a drawing of the Bald Eagle as the seal, but it wasn’t until 1787 that the American Bald Eagle was officially adopted as the Emblem of the United States.
                                The …………………………………………….drawing of the Bald Eagle, and it shows, among

C. Circle TRUE or FALSE.

1. Bald eagles do not eat meat.                                               TRUE               FALSE
2. Eagles have great eyesight.                                                 TRUE               FALSE
3. Bald eagles have many mates.                                            TRUE               FALSE
4. A turkey is on the Great Seal of the USA.                           TRUE               FALSE
5. The back of a penny has a bald eagle on it.                         TRUE               FALSE

D. Put the sentences in order.

1. First    _____                                   a.  Its picture is on the Great Seal.
2. Second _____                                 b. You can see the seal on the back of dollars.
3. Third _____                                     c. Next time you have a dollar, turn it over.
4. Fourth _____                                  d. The bald eagle is a symbol of the USA.
5. Fifth _____                                                 e. You will see a picture of the Great Seal.

E. Draw a new national seal

                                                Seal of the United States

In the article, “American Bald Eagle,” you learned that the bald eagle is   pictured on the national Seal of the United States and it's commonly used as a   symbol for America. 
In the space below, draw a new national seal.  Be sure to include symbols for   America in your picture.  Then describe your new seal on the lines below

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