Thursday, March 26, 2015

#9: Competition for Teacher Generated Materials: Elections / Grade 2

Curriculum Connection: English Curriculum Grade 02, Objectives  01.2.  01.7.  01.9. 01.10.
Class Context and Needs: Elementary classroom, basic level learners
Materials: Laptop, Board, Pictures, Textbooks (English World), Papers.
Activities:  Warm up; Asking and Answering question; Voting; Listening; Reading, Role play.
Assessment: Homework (St.b.p 62 – Grandpa’s Shop;  St.b.p 63 ex:1; WB. P. 46 ex:1,2)

Overall Objective: Students will improve their speaking skills (Numbers, Personal Pronouns, How many…..; There is/ there are; The verb To be). Students will be able to learn new English words about fruit/vegetables. They will improve their reading and listening skills. Students will learn how to vote.
Language Objective: Students will practice new and previous vocabulary; Personal pronouns; Numbers.
Civic Objective: Students  will participate in a class voting.
Stage of Lesson
Warm up
Guessing Game: Am I….? Yes you are; No you are not.
3 minutes
Activity 1

Show students the pictures of their book’s characters and ask them question: who is he/she?

3 minutes
Activity 2

Stick the pictures on the blackboard, give students colorful papers. Tell them to chose his/her favorite character  and vote (voting).

8 minutes

Activity 3
Finger story: Conversation.
5 minutes
Activity 4
Count together these results and find out the winner.
2 minutes
Activity 5
Show students the pictures and explain them new words about fruits and vegetables.

5 minutes
Activity 6
Ask students to chose and vote their favorite fruit and vegetable (voting).

5 minutes
Activity 7
Listening: Grandpas Shop (Textbook, English World)
5 minutes
Activity 8
Reading: Role play
6 minutes
Homework: St.b.p (English World) 62 – Grandpa’s Shop;  St.b.p 63 ex:1; WB. P. 46 ex:1,2

3 minutes

Handout 1

Handout 2

Finger story

Dan: Hello

Lily: Hello

Dan: what’s your name?

Lily: My name’s Lily, and what’s your name?

Dan: I’m Dan. How are you?

Lily: I’m fine thank you, and you?

Dan: I’m very well, thank you.

Lily: How old are you?

Dan: I’m six and you?

Lily: I’m six too.

Dan: goodbye

Lily: goodbye
Handout 3

Handout 4